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InsuredMine DealBoard: 7 steps how Insurance Agents can use


We believe DealBoard by InsuredMine is the lifeline for any insurance agent. You can get the pulse of your agency with a single glance; a few clicks of a button complete most of your tasks, and you can schedule your future tasks with just a mouse click; to name a few. While building user tools is a simple task that can be accomplished with some programming and logic, building tools that provide clear solutions is the challenge. The most often heard complaint about CRM and DealBoards is the low adoption rate by the agents.

At InsuredMine we do not take this complaint easily. We strive to disprove that stereotype by building ordinary tools that can do extraordinary work for your agency.  Beginning with our understanding, logic, and creation, every process takes into account the real-life adaptability of issues the agents are faced with, and we create simple solutions for those issues. No matter how successful our DealBoards are, if we cannot clearly explain the benefits of using them, we have not succeeded. So here is our effort at trying to explain in simple terms the 7 most useful benefits of using our DealBoards.

1. All teams on deck for decision making

Listen to what your agents have to say; after all, they are the ones using the products that can make an impact. Take the time to understand their needs and give them an opportunity to let you know about their most wanted and least desired features. Demonstrate to the agents that the leaders of the agency stand behind their commitment towards selecting the best DealBoard CRM built for the agency’s growth. DealBoard from InsuredMine can be easily customized, so give the agents the opportunity to either opt in or out of certain features. As they become more involved in the early stages, they are less likely to ignore and more likely to enjoy the overall experience. They will also become the brand ambassadors for the products and will educate other teams about the ease and flexibility of use.

2. Educate, Empower and repeat DealBoard benefits

Educate your agents about the reasons why you are using DealBoards and provide insights into the capabilities of the dashboard. Empowered agents make better decisions. Make sure all agents understand the benefits of being able to access various reports at a centralized location. Highlight those benefits with living examples showing how they helped other agents.  Most agents make emotional decisions about new systems or products. So using testimonials and real-life examples will help them make better choices because they can relate to the issues being addressed.

DealBoard, InsuredMine DealBoard: 7 steps how Insurance Agents can use

3. Provide training

Regardless of how involved the agents are with the development of the product, everyone benefits from some periodic training and a refresher course about the products. InsuredMine prides itself on creating products that require little to no formal training. Additionally, since agents have been involved from the very early stages of development, it becomes a familiar field for them to adapt and use DealBoards. The major hurdle to getting agents trying new products is a reluctance to learn. InsuredMine eliminates that hurdle by starting early involvement. Educated agents are motivated agents. They will be more willing to not only use but spread the word about the product to other teams.

4. Don’t overwhelm your agents

As mentioned earlier, InsuredMine prides itself on making extremely user-friendly products that require little to no formal training. Instead of trying to provide a laundry list of features that may or may not be useful, highlight the most used and helpful features that can make an agent’s life easier. Let the agents decide on what is important to them and give them the opportunity to customize. Improvise on the most used features instead of giving an overhaul to the whole system, which will only overwhelm the agent.  

5. Support your agents

Make all supporting documentation readily available to all agents. Providing examples with pictures of the issue and solution will help more than a long text of the same. With easy DealBoards from InsuredMine, most agents will be able to troubleshoot their issues, but our support team works round the clock to provide solutions should the agent need help.  

6. Encourage cross-teams communication

Provide opportunities for all agents to interact, discuss, and share their experiences using DealBoards. Most often, agents learn more from other agents than scheduled training sessions. Almost all agents face similar issues in regards to their sales, clients, and services. Providing and fostering cross-team communication will help agents share vital information and learn in real-time.

7. Keep your integration steps to a minimum

Integration and adaptation is always a cause of concern for any new implementation. Keeping the disruption to minimum levels can make the process less daunting. Also, provide input during development to make the new application look familiar to the previous one. InsuredMine provides some of industry’s best DealBoard CRM software that is easy to adopt and seamless to integrate. There are very few steps involved at the front end of the process because of a robust back end process. Agents have testified on several occasions about the ease of use and adaptation of InsuredMine products.

As stated earlier, InsuredMine stands behind every step of an agent’s journey to build a successful agency. Our suite of products including DealBoards, Mobile Apps, Chatbots and a multitude of other products are intuitive and easy-to-use. In a short time, agents will start to recognize the difference InsuredMine tools can bring to their efforts at maximizing their time and resources.   

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