Car Buying - How to Avoid Dealer's Tricks

Let’s keep it simple
You want to buy a new car. There are two parts to the buying procedure; one is research using your fingertips and the World Wide Web. The other requires you to shop around as you begin your encounters with the dealerships.
Do your homework and be fully armed and equipped with necessary information before going for the final purchase. Take clues from my earlier blog where I listed the 3 best sites to look for to complete your car purchase research.
Unfortunately, the part when

Is Retirement Savings Really Necessary

Not many of us think about retirement. The reason is obvious; when we can spend money now, why save for the future? We can use the money we earn to watch our favorite movies, go on those dream vacations, or even buy a house! The opportunity and desire to spend are immense in this materialistic world. Be it for comforts or prestige, each one of us earns money to have a better life. However, what we are often forgetting is our ability to work will someday expire with our age. When we are no longer young and bold, we will have reached the age of retirement. And if you think saving is tough

When is the Best Time to Buy a New Home

If I tell you that now is the right time to buy a new home, will you buy now? We all know the answer is no, or a polite, ‘heck no’. But the truth is, the best time to buy a house depends on your individual circumstances and goals. I wasn’t particularly interested in becoming a home owner to begin with, but that changed after the birth of my daughter. I wanted her to grow up in a familiar and safe neighborhood and develop a sense of belonging to a certain geographical location that she can call ‘home’. My reason might not resonate with everyone, but it was my deciding point to

Top 3 sites to check before buying a new car

That moment when you think your wait is over and you are ready to buy a fancy new car, your excitement remains at its peak! But sadly, it drops when it comes to signing the papers. Why can’t car buying be as simple as they show in their commercials; where the actor test drives his car alone around breathtaking locations with no other vehicle in view? He returns with a smile which says he has found his soul mate in car form, signs a document, takes charge of the keys without any hitch, and the dealership staff wave a happy goodbye to him with big smiles on everyone’s faces. Is that

Why you may need Umbrella Insurance

There are a variety of insurances that cover you and your belongings. Vehicle insurance, life insurance, and house insurance, are just some examples. While each of these insurances is enough coverage in themselves, you might consider needing an extra protection just in case the damage exceeds the covered amount. An Umbrella Insurance is an extra liability insurance. It is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and as a result it helps protect your assets and your future. In simple terms, if your house catches fire and you are covered for $20,000 with your