Personal Profile – factors that affect a homeowners insurance policy – Part 3

After knowing about the home features and home safety criteria that help in lowering homeowners’ Insurance, next come the personal factors that affect homeowners’ Insurance. Let’s open this box of information to know about factors related to personal profile that could lower your homeowners’ Insurance.
Part 3: Factors related to personal profile

Marital Status – From being single to married, the changes include combining homes or owning a home post marriage. There are insurers who offer flat discount when the change of status is reported.

5 Common Insurance Coverage Gaps and how Insurtech can Help

If you are like many Americans, you probably have multiple policies for home, auto, medical and life insurance.  And if you are lucky and working for a good employer, you might also have additional life insurance as well as disability insurance. But did you know that no matter how well covered you think you are, there are some gaps in coverage that can unexpectedly wreak havoc on your savings should the unthinkable strike?  Here are the common gaps many Americans have in their insurance coverage.

Home Safety - factors that affect a homeowners insurance policy - Part 2

Having your home features assessed as suggested in the previous blog could offer you the reward of some insurance pricing reduction. This was just a part of all the factors that apply towards lowering of insurance rate. In this blog, I will expand upon factors related to home safety.

Smoke detector – These are the most common home safety item used in American households. You should install them in places where they can be easily heard. Moreover, all of them should be

8 Basic Tax-Filing Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes and omissions in preparing and filing taxes are very common.  Given the complexity and the nearly 10-million words in tax law, the instructions are pretty lengthy as well. It is not a surprise that according to a Pew Research Center Poll, 72% of Americans surveyed believe the federal tax code is too complex.
Given the tedious processes involved with filing taxes, it is not very uncommon to make mistakes. Filing mistakes on your tax returns might result in the IRS contacting

Factors that Lower your Homeowners’ Insurance Cost - Part 1

A comprehensive guide to factors that lower your homeowners’ insurance premium
Buying a house and living the big dream doesn’t come easy. Since it is one of our biggest investments and an emotional one too, we do not buy a house in haste; it can certainly not be an impulsive decision. With the care and love that we buy our house, we also want to protect it by opting for a home insurance policy to insure our precious possession. Also it becomes compulsory for homeowners with a mortgage. Thus along comes buying homeowners insurance after the buying of house.
It is no