Small Business Insurance Common Pitfalls

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to set up a small business. Startups face many challenges such as getting funding, finding innovative product ideas, and competing in an already established market. These challenges keep surfacing and every hindrance that decides the future of the startup. Running a newly established business also has an unknown number of risks. It is extremely important to determine your risk absorbing capacity and start an insurance plan for your business. A startup also implies continuous changes to the structure of the business and it is crucial to notice

All you need to know about selling your home (Home Sale Tips)

Selling your home can go horribly wrong if you do not know the nitty-gritty of real estate. You could list your home for months and you may not receive a single offer. Some of the basic things that you should be thinking about before you list your home can be as simple as: What price am I expecting; how do I set the price; am I ready to sell yet; or should I hire an agent? Here are a few tips to ease the process:
Home Sale Tips
Decide if you need to hire an agent
Selling can be a long and complex process and you should be prepared to have patience if you are

When is the Best Time of the Year to Sell Your Home?

They say you are lucky if you own a home. However, based on individual needs and circumstances, we often face a scenario of needing to sell a home. Selling properties at the best price can be a horrendous task especially if there are fewer buyers in your area. There a number of factors to consider before selling your property. One of the most important factors that affect the salability of homes is the season in which you put up your property for sale. Every year, there will be different sales trends. However, some seasons have been established as consistently profitable for homeowners

Is Hands-Free Really Safe

With ever advancing technology, the world has become a better place but also a riskier place. We all love our phones and our gadget addiction is increasing day by day. In a country like the United States where the majority of the population owns cars, it is disturbing to know that 94% of all car accidents are due to driver error (Source: National Statistics Council). At any moment 7% of drivers are using cell phones and are not following hands-free safety regulations. Multitasking is a myth when it comes to driving. The brain quickly toggles between tasks – but can’t do two things at a

Travel Insurance Limits - Know Before You Go

We all enjoy vacationing. We are picky about our travel destinations and take months to plan a perfect holiday! All little details matter and we all get excited over planning those travel itineraries. Some of us prefer a quiet holiday on a beach or a rainforest. While some adventure-freaks love finding activities that give an adrenaline rush, such as scuba diving and skydiving.
According to a research conducted by US Travel Association in 2017, US travel industry has been flourishing and travel spending has been increasing every year. Below are the major sources of travel

5 Easy Fuel Saving Tips!

The number of cars sold in the US has been increasing every single year. Researchers attribute this boost to various factors like improved economic conditions, easy credit, compelling product and Millennials aging and buying cars. We all love cars for the convenience they provide. While, public transportation is very time consuming, the car is the ultimate blessing. However, when we talk about expenses, cars tend to be far behind public transportation. It is not just the cost of the car that the owner has to bear. Car maintenance and gas costs are the major contributors that chug along

Who should you Trust with your Retirement Accounts

There are various reasons why we save for our retirement. The most common reason is that our earning is supposed to cease at some point as we age. It is the fear of the unknown that makes us save for the future. However, it is very important that we know where and how we are saving for our retirement. There are various third parties who help with retirement accounts. To have a perfect peaceful retirement plan, it is very essential that you determine whom you can trust with your retirement accounts.
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Secret Portfolio Manager Money-Saving Tips

We save for retirement and invest in stocks to give an incremental edge on returns. Portfolio Managers are a go-to for many of us. While Portfolio managers might think about your best interests in terms of money gaining, you should be in control of your own investments. Portfolio managers select an appropriate mix of investments and make discretionary adjustments to your portfolio. However, it would still make sense to know where your manager is investing your money and take some extra steps to ensure that your savings are invested in the right avenues. Below are some of the money-saving

The Stock Market as Investment Portfolio Insurance

What do you do with your savings? While investing in property, assets, and bonds are a few options, the stock market is an excellent avenue to multiply your returns. However, there is always a risk associated. To reduce this risk you can start using Portfolio Insurance strategies.
“Everyone has the brain power to follow stock market
If you made it through fifth-grade math, you can do it”
-Peter Lynch – an American investor, mutual fund manager, and philanthropist
Why Portfolio Insurance
Stock portfolio risks can be controlled by getting

Is Retirement Savings Really Necessary

Not many of us think about retirement. The reason is obvious; when we can spend money now, why save for the future? We can use the money we earn to watch our favorite movies, go on those dream vacations, or even buy a house! The opportunity and desire to spend are immense in this materialistic world. Be it for comforts or prestige, each one of us earns money to have a better life. However, what we are often forgetting is our ability to work will someday expire with our age. When we are no longer young and bold, we will have reached the age of retirement. And if you think saving is tough