Hawksoft<> InsuredMine, Press Release

HawkSoft and InsuredMine Introduce API-Powered Integration Between Systems

Harness data from the HawkSoft agency management system in InsuredMine’s Agency Portal and Mobile App

CANBY, Ore., Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HawkSoft, the Oregon-based insurtech company, launched an integration with InsuredMine, a Texas-based insurtech that provides sales, CRM, marketing automation, analytics, and a client mobile app in an all-in-one platform. HawkSoft embraces a collaborative API approach to help independent agencies leverage a diverse

NowCerts <> InsuredMine, Press Release

InsuredMine and Nowcerts partner to bring seamless data integration between Agency Management System and CRM to provide a better user experience.

Insuredmine recently announced that it would be integrating with NowCerts to give insurance agencies the best of both worlds. On this new partnership, the co-founder of InsuredMine, Mr. Raution Jaiswal, said, “We aim to provide the best user experience to the insurance agents as well as their clients. Communication through a secure and responsive

August 2020 InsuredMine, All Updates in an hour

I am positive you all are waiting for this email. First of all, we really appreciate and value your feedback. Today we’re excited to introduce you to the results of our efforts over the past weeks. The latest release of InsuredMine August 2020 includes new features and lots of fixes to make your experience better than ever. See what’s new below:

Thank you - Dear Customers!

As the CEO and co-founder of InsuredMine, I proudly represent a talented team committed to delivering the best solutions for agencies to grow and thrive.  We measure our success by the tangible outcomes that our clients achieve and take great pride in their ongoing positive feedback.  Because of our satisfied clients and their collective voice, the InsuredMine brand signifies partnership, value delivered and the promise of a brighter

What is a sales funnel? Why do insurance agents need a sales funnel?

Understanding Sales Funnel and it’s importance for Insurance Agents 
The concept of a sales funnel in the world of marketing is similar to a chemistry lab experiment where the filtration process is explained through the help of a glass funnel.
A sales funnel helps to filter down high-quality leads that actually convert into a sale. It is referred to as a funnel because it is huge at the top and narrow in the end.  The pinnacle has a high potential customer lineage whereas the bottom denotes loyal clients. The

Podcast: Raution Jaiswal interview with Agency Nation

Data isn’t about spreadsheets, it’s about a story.
That’s what we learn when we talk with Raution Jaiswal of InsuredMine.
Raution Jaiswal, InsuredMine

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