Insurance Customer Engagement - 3 winning strategies

Insurance customer expectation and engagement was way different than it is today and is changing at a rapid pace. Companies like Google, Amazon eBay, and Netflix have leveraged technology and flipped business models completely upside down. Since technology is fostering “I want it when I want it and how I want it” motto, we can’t expect the customers to demand any less when it comes to insurance.
Today 4 out of 5 customers are way different than Jack’s customers years ago, because though they trust Jack just as equally today, they still compare and verify

InsuredMine at the Global Insurance Symposium

Global Insurance Symposium
Des Moines, Iowa
April 24 -26 2018
With 600+ attendees and 200+ Insurance companies watching over you at the Global Insurance Symposium, it is a daunting experience to present your pitch. Nevertheless, our courageous and bold Raution Jaiswal, CEO of InsuredMine, has done a phenomenal job of presenting to the audience what InsuredMine can do to help insurance

Refresh Insurance ... Press Insurtech

It is said that extinction is the rule and survival is the exception!
But when it comes to the dinosaurs of the insurance industry, you can’t help but wonder about what it is that makes them so resistant to extinction, even though nothing about them has changed for about a century.  Have they adapted so exceptionally well or did modern day economics fail to penetrate them through technology, process, or people?  This also deepens the curiosity when you notice that the average age of top 45 insurance companies on the 

Thank you from Raution Jaiswal (Founder)

Dear U.S. Team & InsuredMine Believers,
As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I want to say how greatly I appreciate the contributions you make to InsuredMine. This year is very special as this is our year 1 and we have come a long way from an idea to a product that is out there helping people organize insurance. This is just a beginning and I am absolutely positive we will have

InsureTech Connect 2017 - Largest Insurance Tech Conference

It seems that all the movers and shakers of insurance industry will be once again descending on Las Vegas for InsureTech’s biggest event- InsureTech Connect 2017.  While it’s going to be very exciting to meet new faces, strike new contacts and share the enthusiasm, we anticipate much more than that. This year marks the beginning of InsuredMine’s participation in the biggest event of InsurTech. We look forward to learning, gaining

Why I - Raution Jaiswal - Started InsuredMine?

“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance” – Gary Hamel
To an innovative person like me, the best part of being human is being confronted with difficult situations on a daily basis. The difficult situations we all face make us better as we learn to solve them. We have heard the saying, ‘smooth seas do not produce skillful sailors’. We navigate life everyday faced with several problems; some are easy, others are not. One such experience inspired me to start InsuredMine.
About eight months ago I was

Digitized Insurance Management

Check out our blog and sign up for our Beta list to learn things like ‘How to consolidate and manage multiple insurances’ and ‘We are always Work-In-Progress’.
InsuredMine is a cloud-based insurance management tool that provides users the convenience of having all their insurance information in one easy to use dashboard with the power to leverage several features including payment reminders, insurance document