5 Common Insurance Coverage Gaps and how Insurtech can Help

If you are like many Americans, you probably have multiple policies for home, auto, medical and life insurance.  And if you are lucky and working for a good employer, you might also have additional life insurance as well as disability insurance. But did you know that no matter how well covered you think you are, there are some gaps in coverage that can unexpectedly wreak havoc on your savings should the unthinkable strike?  Here are the common gaps many Americans have in their insurance coverage.

Home Safety - factors that affect a homeowners insurance policy - Part 2

Having your home features assessed as suggested in the previous blog could offer you the reward of some insurance pricing reduction. This was just a part of all the factors that apply towards lowering of insurance rate. In this blog, I will expand upon factors related to home safety.

Smoke detector – These are the most common home safety item used in American households. You should install them in places where they can be easily heard. Moreover, all of them should be

Factors that Lower your Homeowners’ Insurance Cost - Part 1

A comprehensive guide to factors that lower your homeowners’ insurance premium
Buying a house and living the big dream doesn’t come easy. Since it is one of our biggest investments and an emotional one too, we do not buy a house in haste; it can certainly not be an impulsive decision. With the care and love that we buy our house, we also want to protect it by opting for a home insurance policy to insure our precious possession. Also it becomes compulsory for homeowners with a mortgage. Thus along comes buying homeowners insurance after the buying of house.
It is no

All you need to know about selling your home (Home Sale Tips)

Selling your home can go horribly wrong if you do not know the nitty-gritty of real estate. You could list your home for months and you may not receive a single offer. Some of the basic things that you should be thinking about before you list your home can be as simple as: What price am I expecting; how do I set the price; am I ready to sell yet; or should I hire an agent? Here are a few tips to ease the process:
Home Sale Tips
Decide if you need to hire an agent
Selling can be a long and complex process and you should be prepared to have patience if you are

When is the Best Time of the Year to Sell Your Home?

They say you are lucky if you own a home. However, based on individual needs and circumstances, we often face a scenario of needing to sell a home. Selling properties at the best price can be a horrendous task especially if there are fewer buyers in your area. There a number of factors to consider before selling your property. One of the most important factors that affect the salability of homes is the season in which you put up your property for sale. Every year, there will be different sales trends. However, some seasons have been established as consistently profitable for homeowners

Tips For Preparing Before and After Hurricane Irma

Falling down is a part of life and getting back up is Living: acknowledge what is happening and quickly pull yourself up to get everything back in action. More importantly, learn from what you could have done better, be prepared, and come stronger for any such danger in the future.
With Hurricane Irma as our next visit, it is time to take all the right measures, whether evacuating or staying in our homes – staying safe and staying prepared should be our motto.

10 Upgrades to Increase Your Home Value

While structurally same, every house has a different essence. The way we nurture it day by day and create our memories in it makes a house our home. Our home gets a new definition with every small and big home project we complete. These upgrades can satisfy personal aesthetic needs or it can also help in improving the value of the house. There is nothing sweeter than having your expenses turn to profitable investments. With a well thought-out upgrade, the house gets a facelift, not in its appearance alone, but in its improved home value as well. An added perk is if you are deciding to sell

Pool Safety Items That May Lower Your Insurance

To imagine summers without pool is painting an incomplete picture of having fun in the sun. Who would not want to beat the heat by cooling themselves in the pool? If your only access to the pool is via your club, then you have no safety concerns and you will not have to do anything for its safety and care. But if you own a pool, the luxury of swimming is all yours and so is its safety. Swimming pools make for good assets as they also improve home equity if you keep them well maintained. (To know about 10 upgrades that can add equity to your home, wait for my next blog.) As much as it is

When is the Best Time to Buy a New Home

If I tell you that now is the right time to buy a new home, will you buy now? We all know the answer is no, or a polite, ‘heck no’. But the truth is, the best time to buy a house depends on your individual circumstances and goals. I wasn’t particularly interested in becoming a home owner to begin with, but that changed after the birth of my daughter. I wanted her to grow up in a familiar and safe neighborhood and develop a sense of belonging to a certain geographical location that she can call ‘home’. My reason might not resonate with everyone, but it was my deciding point to

Why you may need Umbrella Insurance

There are a variety of insurances that cover you and your belongings. Vehicle insurance, life insurance, and house insurance, are just some examples. While each of these insurances is enough coverage in themselves, you might consider needing an extra protection just in case the damage exceeds the covered amount. An Umbrella Insurance is an extra liability insurance. It is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and as a result it helps protect your assets and your future. In simple terms, if your house catches fire and you are covered for $20,000 with your