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It is said that extinction is the rule and survival is the exception!
But when it comes to the dinosaurs of the insurance industry, you can’t help but wonder about what it is that makes them so resistant to extinction, even though nothing about them has changed for about a century.  Have they adapted so exceptionally well or did modern day economics fail to penetrate them through technology, process, or people?  This also deepens the curiosity when you notice that the average age of top 45 insurance companies on the 

Tips For Preparing Before and After Hurricane Irma

Falling down is a part of life and getting back up is Living: acknowledge what is happening and quickly pull yourself up to get everything back in action. More importantly, learn from what you could have done better, be prepared, and come stronger for any such danger in the future.
With Hurricane Irma as our next visit, it is time to take all the right measures, whether evacuating or staying in our homes – staying safe and staying prepared should be our motto.

The Need to Organize Multiple Insurances

Let’s face it, life is an organized chaos. You don’t agree? Let me explain. Imagine yourself involved in a fender-bender. After the initial phase of shock and distress has passed, you calm down to start the routine of exchanging your insurance information only to realize you don’t have all your insurance and policy details handy. Now what?
Assuming you have insurance, (although according to Insurance Research Council, in 2012, 12.6 percent of motorists or about one in eight drivers were

Insurance Management (Why You’re Missing its Essential Benefits!)

Most of us understand the importance of investing our money wisely. Maybe you have many current cash flow needs and are also saving for large expenses in the next 5, 10, or even 30 years. Of course, we need to make bill payments, our monthly mortgage and car payments, as well as save for large expenditures like a car, a new home, college, and retirement. Hopefully there’s also a vacation somewhere in there!
It makes little sense to choose an amount to invest and how to invest it by focusing on one of these goals or constraints in isolation. We may quickly find our choices –