Your Privacy is our Pride

InsuredMine Puts Our User’s PRIVACY First, Servicing Second, and Monetization Last!
The recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle is a stark reminder of the fluid flow of personal information between the apps and their connectedness to major social media sites such as Facebook. As the proud creators of the InsuredMine app, we want to discuss and inform you of the steps we are taking to not only keep your data safe, but ensure its use only benefits you, and not some foreign government’s attempt to fool any of us!
InsuredMine is a groundbreaking new app relying on the

Via, the Virtual Insurance Assistant from InsuredMine

You may know at least one of these names – Siri, Alexa, Jarvis, or Cortana – the cloud-based chatbots making millions of lives easier. Joining the party now is the all-new chatbot Via, the Virtual Insurance Assistant from InsuredMine. With artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming more deeply integrated into everyday lives, it appears that the time is ripe for a second industrial revolution.

InsuredMine Launches Mobile App

InsuredMine is excited to announce the rolling out of their new mobile app to make it easier for the mobile enthusiasts.  The app has been successfully tested in beta and will be made available for download through the app stores for android platforms beginning January 17, 2018.
The team is confident that this mobile app will transform the way insurance customers manage, purchase and organize their multiple policies on a single dashboard.  While there are other primitive apps for insurance management available, the app from InsuredMine is

The Need for Insurance Management

A place for everything and everything in its place!
Whether we are dealing with personal or professional belongings, organizing is not only about perfection; it is about efficiency, decluttering, improving quality, and most importantly, making the most of our valuable resources – time and money.  At InsuredMine, the terms ‘organizing’ and ‘managing’ mean the same.  With our relentless drive to constantly improve insurance management, we strive for progress and not just perfection.  That is why we

Refresh Insurance ... Press Insurtech

It is said that extinction is the rule and survival is the exception!
But when it comes to the dinosaurs of the insurance industry, you can’t help but wonder about what it is that makes them so resistant to extinction, even though nothing about them has changed for about a century.  Have they adapted so exceptionally well or did modern day economics fail to penetrate them through technology, process, or people?  This also deepens the curiosity when you notice that the average age of top 45 insurance companies on the 

InsureTech Connect 2017, Las Vegas– InsureTech Takeaways

Window to the Future
Our presence at InsureTech Connect 2017 at Las Vegas was every bit as exciting as the work we do at InsuredMine every day.  With over 3800 attendees and countless networking opportunities, it was an ideal platform for us in many ways.  It acted as a strategic think tank and helped enhance constructive dialogue and collaboration with other entrepreneurs.  It also helped us rethink what we already know, and educated us on what we did not. This insight helps shape our outlook about

Insurance Management (Why You’re Missing its Essential Benefits!)

Most of us understand the importance of investing our money wisely. Maybe you have many current cash flow needs and are also saving for large expenses in the next 5, 10, or even 30 years. Of course, we need to make bill payments, our monthly mortgage and car payments, as well as save for large expenditures like a car, a new home, college, and retirement. Hopefully there’s also a vacation somewhere in there!
It makes little sense to choose an amount to invest and how to invest it by focusing on one of these goals or constraints in isolation. We may quickly find our choices –

Car Care that you can do at Home

“I’ve always been asked, ‘What is my favorite car?’ and I’ve always said ‘The next one.'”
– Carroll Shelby
This quote by the famous automotive designer and racing driver, truly encapsulates all of our feelings towards the four-wheeled beast. Starting from the very first vehicle that we buy, our lives and emotions get attached to our cars more than we care to admit, especially in today’s time when the toughest thing to do is to manage your professional and personal life successfully. The key thing that helps us in managing

Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff in an Interview with InsuredMine Founder

Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff is a top business strategy speaker and author of multiple business books, most recently Outthink the Competition (John Wiley & Sons). He is the founder of Outthinker, a popular blogger, and a sought-after strategic advisor to a growing roster of leading businesses and corporations that recognize the need to move away from traditional linear models to embrace agile, digital strategies for the accelerating world.
At NAIC this spring, Sneha Bhagat sat down with Krippendorff to discuss the future of

InsureTech Leaders Join InsuredMine Adviser Team

It is our pleasure to announce that the InsuredMine adviser team is growing. Today we welcome two new advisers and thought leaders with a strong background in Insurance & Technology.  With their help, InsuredMine will reach to new heights!
Damon Levine
Damon Levine is a published enterprise risk management thought leader, consultant, and industry speaker.  He has taught actuarial mathematics at Columbia University and is published in The Actuary and included in Society