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InsuredMine powers Direct Work Comp to be 100% digital workers compensation insurance solution
RICHARDSON, TEXAS, USA, May 26, 2020 / — Direct Work Comp

Podcast: EPISODE. 139 of Spot on Insurance

Nov.19, 2019 Insuredmine Co-founder Raution Jaiswal interacts with Spot on Insurance hosts Ted and Arleen about why Insuredmine was formed and the pain points it deals with so the agencies can gain absolute advantage from it. 

Podcast: Insuretech Connect 2019

Oct 4, 2019: Raution Jaiswal, CEO of Insuredmine in an interview with Arleen and Ted Taveras from Spot on Insurance at the Insuretech Connect 2019. This podcast is about the innovation possibilities in Agency Management Systems that will help insurance agents to make their work simpler and easier down to just 3 clicks for accomplishing a task.

Understanding and Mastering Changing Sales Process

Insurance is a business of sales and and sales process. How each agency does it is entirely up to the agency’s processes that are in place. Some processes may be successful, while others may not be at the level you would like them to be. It is therefore always vital to revisit these. If you are an InsuredMine customer, you may be well aware that sales is one of our priority because we understand that majority of your business economics depend on it. But we do not define sales in a traditional way. We consider communication to be an integral part of

Insurance Agency Management System for Insurance Agents

InsuredMine renders SaaS-enabled customized solutions for Insurance agents and brokers and enhances their existing Insurance Agency Management System(AMS). Juxtaposing data, preparing analysis and forecast reports, keeping track of existing and potential client requirements can be exorbitantly strenuous tasks for any insurance agency or dealer. Automated tools help create a standardized system for all the involved processes, ensuring a smooth transition from raw data to sales conversions and customer retention.

CRM for Insurance Agents: Productivity Hacks in 2020

In a world of squealing competition and economic lows, having good CRM for insurance agents does make a world of difference. Customer Relationship Management is the super saver for overall productivity increment and sustainability. If you are feeling trapped in the cascade of business pressures, this organized system is here to help. Client-oriented strategies are the key focus of contemporary businesses. Insurance CRM software structuring and execution concepts assist in a better understanding of marketing and sales movements.
The 5 hacks to hike your productivity using CRM 

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