InsureTech Connect 2018 (ITC2018): InsuredMine Perspective -It’s a half bitten Apple

We all know the success story of the half bitten Apple.  At InsuredMine we are not kidding when we draw the analogy with what happened at Insuretech Connect 2018 (ITC2018). Despite a complete experience with two days of exposure, meetings, and attending sessions, we know we only took a bite of the apple; we know there is so much more to explore and experience, but most importantly, to learn and grow.

Insurtech Connect 2018

It feels like just yesterday that we were preparing for our first ever Insurtech Connect event. Juggling what to do, whom to meet, taking notes, learning new things, and overall soaking in as much as we could. But this year certainly feels different not only because we are one of the official sponsors of the event along with 200+ others, but because we have also ‘been there done that’. We

8 Insurance Policies You Don't Need

Most insurances are designed to protect us from unexpected damages for a small premium. While certain insurances are warranted, there are others that we need to take a closer look at and decide if we really need them. The fear of the unexpected prompts people to sometimes take extra precautions in the form of purchasing additional policies that may be seldom useful. The following is a list of eight insurances that most people can do without.
1. Private Mortgage Insurance
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Three Ways Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Live up to the Hype

It was more than 20 years ago that IBM’s chess-playing computer Deep Blue won a game against Garry Kasparov, the then chess world champion. It was a striking triumph for artificial intelligence (AI) and was a wake-up call to the AI community.
Because chess is a combination of pure calculation and deep strategy borne of experience, Deep Blue’s victory demonstrated that such “hybrid” logical/experiential realms are for the taking in the AI world.

The 5 Newest Auto Insurers and Why They're Right for you

When we go to find any information online, we get flooded with options. We can utilize the best new companies and their benefits more easily if we knew exactly which companies we needed to look at for what. With auto insurance, many changes have come with new insurance companies coming into existence. My attempt is to introduce you to five of these newest auto insurers and familiarize you with how they can be right for you so that you know when and why you would use these newest auto insurers.
Insurtech companies today have more benefits than we asked for, yet every day the list of

Nick Gerhart in an Interview with InsuredMine Founder (Sneha Bhagat)

Nick Gerhart is the Chief Administrative Officer for Farm Bureau Financial Services and the former Insurance commissioner for the state of Iowa. He is a proven executive with over ten years of experience in government and industry with a strong focus on insurance, health care, and securities. As the Commissioner of Iowa, he oversaw one of the largest domestic insurance states in the nation; lead a team of 100 professionals on a budget of nearly 15 million dollars; and