Global Insurance Symposium

Des Moines, Iowa

April 24 -26 2018

With 600+ attendees and 200+ Insurance companies watching over you at the Global Insurance Symposium, it is a daunting experience to present your pitch. Nevertheless, our courageous and bold Raution Jaiswal, CEO of InsuredMine, has done a phenomenal job of presenting to the audience what InsuredMine can do to help insurance agents build their business and enhance their users’ insurance management experience through our products. The Global Insurance Symposium (GIS) features an annual networking conference for Insurance, Insurtech and financial services companies.

Raution Jaiswal at the Global Insurance Symposium

“The Global Insurance Symposium provides Insurtech companies a great platform to showcase their products and ideas” said Raution Jaiswal. “It has created opportunities for InsuredMine to network with carriers and agencies, and demonstrate our products to a larger audience.  Having successfully completed the 2018 Cohort of the Global Insurance Accelerator program, InsuredMine has sprint forward in its path to establishing itself as a global market leader for innovative Insurtech products,” he added.

Here is the link to Raution’s entire presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l499icCiYgs

InsuredMine’s solution is a unified digital platform with a Consumer facing app and an Agent facing portal to help agents retain and sell more. Since increasing retention is the holy grail in this intensely competitive market, agents can now focus on increasing retention which in turn generates significant profits. Providing a better digital experience has also shown to boost sales considerably. How is it done? We will show you how.

Agent portal and app

Components of our Consumer facing app

Insurance Wallet App

The Insurance Wallet App consolidates customers’ insurance policies including their insurance cards and documents on one single dashboard. This gives both the agent and the customer a 360-degree view of their insurance portfolio and thus creates a better understanding. We also believe that the value of a portfolio is greater than that of the products. Being able to do that on an app creates more flexibility and mobility for both the customer and the agent which further leads to more engagement from the customer. After all, an engaged customer is an empowered customer.

 Insurance Wallet App

Chatbot Via – Virtual Insurance Assistant

Our uniquely efficient AI-driven Chatbot is a wonderful self-service tool for customers using our app or our web portal and enables quick and easy access to their policy information. The innovative features offered through Via, clearly differentiates our agents from their competitors in providing state-of-the-art customer support.  You can just ask a question or type your question, and Via will take you right to the

information you are seeking without having to navigate through all pages.

 Chatbot Via

Agent Facing Portal

This is where all our data intelligence is defined, refined and realigned. Our Agent portal enables agents to make the right decisions at the right time for the right customers. It can integrate with any agency management systems for data transfers. It also automates many business processes and communication. Our user experience focused app, AI driven chatbot, and analytics powered agent portal are sure to enhance customer experience and increase their loyalty. Agents are passionate about their customers, but sometimes it’s a struggle to reflect that through their actions. With the help of our products, that passion can be demonstrated digitally and in many ways, automatically.

The Insurtech revolution

Technology is rapidly changing the way businesses are connecting with their customers. Insurtech has led companies to take advantage of advanced technology to redefine insurance/risk management process and to cater to the digitally savvy customer base. A 2016 survey report from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) concluded that ‘funding a carrier collaboration with Insurtech is rising, but not without some challenges. As time goes on, the degree of insurer-InsurTech partnering will most likely continue to grow. It is a force to be reckoned and will continue to greatly influence the direction of insurance industry’.  The team at InsuredMine invites all independent agents, agencies & brokers to try our product and learn more by scheduling a demo. You can start by contacting us at info@insuredmine.com or check out our website at www.insuredmine.com.

Raution Jaiswal

Raution Jaiswal

Founder and CEO at InsuredMine
Raution Jaiswal is a serial entrepreneur with experience in Business, Finance & Technology Consulting for fortune 500 companies. His Specialties include Strategy, M&A, New Concepts, Idea to Product charting, Startup Mentorship, Building high performance team, Client Relationship Management, Implementation, Strategic Alliances & Leadership. Raution Jaiswal received his Masters from the Calcutta University and MBA from the Willamette University, Oregon.
Raution Jaiswal

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