The #1 Mobility tool used by Insurance Agents for CRM created by Insuredmine.

Client Facing Mobile App

Client facing mobile applications are a smart way to connect conveniently with your customers. Insuredmine app allows you to increase customer engagement by providing direct benefits to customers such as easily managing policy, paying bills, requesting quotes, providing information updates, accident assistance, and more.

Pocket accessibility

Looking for policy docs in your wallet or your closet is old world. Accessible policy information allows you to know everything at the right time. Insuredmine app helps you to store and retrieve all insurance card information in one place. You can upload multiple card details for a comprehensive overview.


Productive Point of Sale

Consumer use of mobile apps showed an increment of 58% in a year, with two of every three digital media minutes spent on mobile applications. Your cross-sale probability increases multifold with enhanced customer service through the mobile app. Also, providing options to request quotes allows buyers to select from multiple options for a better experience. 

Stay ahead in the competition with 24x7 availability

Offering unique customer experience to attract more prospects gives a competitive edge.  Claims reporting and processing is the most important element of customer service in any Insurance agency. Insuredmine Mobile app helps speed up the claim reporting process. Efficient claim processing boosts your customer loyalty and retention rates. You can assist your customers through VIA from Insuredmine. Artificial intelligence taking over to keep you connected at all times. Your virtual assistant does the job of answering all client questions.

Import/Export Data

Huge piles of papers don’t mount on your desk anymore. The best part of digital communication is a quick data share. A simple, fast, and incredible way to share data is facilitated through the Insuredmine Mobile app. Import —- Your customer shares policy documentation on the app and you can access it in your system. Export —- You share the file with customers and they view it in the app.

Payment convenience

Take Premium payments in a tap! An integrated, secured payment gateway helps your customers to pay seamlessly from anywhere through the App. It’s a reliable platform for receiving payments at any hour.


What Agents Say

All in one integrated System to optimize and grow your agency