Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is an intensive automated email, text or combination of both delivering a series of customized and scheduled communication to the client or prospect over a specific period of time.


Automation is an element of CRM (customer relationship management) that streamlines sales process tasks using AI and digital tools to eliminate time-consuming, repetitive work of agents.

Work Email

Significant communication of your business emerges through your work email. We help you achieve more through the same email id.  Sync your work email account with Insuredmine and figure out your peer and client activity.

Contact List

A major part of your data story depends on your contact list. Creating a list and segmenting it for easy reference are crucial for your agency. InsuredMine’s contact list section improvises on contact details to help convert them into leads and clients.


Work quickly without putting in hours to write client emails and messages with perfect content. Take a shot at ready email templates built specifically to help you get a grip on your drip campaigns.

Google Review

All kinds of leads – warm, hot or cold can be influenced by Google Business Review of your agency. Google review is the client’s opinion of your efficiency, management, and digital experience.