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InsuredMine Launches Mobile App|Best Insurance Policy Management Mobile App


InsuredMine is excited to announce the rolling out of their new mobile app to make it easier for the mobile enthusiasts.  The app has been successfully tested in beta and will be made available for download through the app stores for android platforms beginning January 17, 2018.

The team is confident that this Policy Management mobile app will transform the way insurance customers manage, purchase and organize their multiple policies on a single dashboard.  While there are other primitive apps for insurance management available, the Insurance Mobile app from InsuredMine is unlike any of those.  It provides valuable data and analytics to help you make informed decisions about your insurance purchases, but you are never obligated to buy or renew your policies through the app.  “We personally faced numerous hurdles while trying to find a solution to easily manage multiple policies,” Sneha Bhagat, the Co-Founder InsuredMine said, “and we knew it was time to introduce a superior product that will address those problems.”  Bhagat added, “Customers were quick to embrace the idea and expressed delight at being in the ‘driving seat’ of insurance management with the InsuredMine app.”

Customers can download the Insurance Customer app on to their mobile devices and have all their policy information at their fingertips.  The app creates seamless digital integration for customers to add, scan, or import policy details from multiple accounts.  Customers can reap the benefits of setting up reminders for payment due dates, receive alerts and tips for saving on premiums, compare their portfolio with peers of similar risk profiles, identify if you are overpaying or are underinsured, and much more.

With the launch of its web tool, InsuredMine has mastered the art of insurance management and has disrupted the insurance industry that employs outdated management practices.  InsuredMine is also working with multiple insurance agents and insurance companies to roll out the product and help customers save time and money.  With several beta users across the globe touting the benefits of the app, InsuredMine has created the right solution for the age-old problem of insurance management.

It’s always a learning curve with any new product or launch and we admit that we can’t do it alone.  InsuredMine is looking forward to harnessing the strength of partnerships and is inviting any constructive criticism and feedback to improve our product.  Please take the time to send your feedback and comments to or connect with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @InsuredMine.

Download the App now for free and experience the difference!

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