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InsureTech Connect 2017 – Largest Insurance Tech Conference


It seems that all the movers and shakers of insurance industry will be once again descending on Las Vegas for InsureTech’s biggest event- InsureTech Connect 2017.  While it’s going to be very exciting to meet new faces, strike new contacts and share the enthusiasm, we anticipate much more than that. This year marks the beginning of InsuredMine’s participation in the biggest event of InsurTech. We look forward to learning, gaining mentorships, striking lasting relationships and above all, making a lasting impression with some of the industry’s investors.

InsureTech Connect, InsureTech Connect 2017 – Largest Insurance Tech Conference

InsureTech Connect is the world’s largest Insurtech event that creates pathways for up and coming insuretech companies like InsuredMine.  As participants at the event, we have access to the most comprehensive gathering of investors, insurance industry executives, and tech entrepreneurs from across the globe.  This gives us an opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and explore commercial opportunities. We get to engage with other insuretech startup founders and leaders and network with some of the smartest minds in the industry working on cutting edge innovative technology solutions.  We look forward to meeting some thought leaders and advisors, and gain insight into the fast-growing Insurtech industry.

InsureTech Connect, InsureTech Connect 2017 – Largest Insurance Tech Conference

While soaking in the wisdom from other leaders, our focus will be on understanding the methods of investors and how they could add meaningful value to our startup. We aim to achieve this understanding by thinking like the investors themselves-thinking of the long-term and testing the waters to see if we are comfortable in their company. We want to create lasting relationships by asking for their input that might lead them to consider investing in us.

Oliver Wyman, will be the presenting sponsor for InsureTech Connect 2017 that takes place at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, October 3-4.  We look forward to event and getting our seat on the Insuretech wagon. With over 2000+ innovators, investors, and executives gathering from about 40 countries, there is going to be so much to learn and so much to do. Stay tuned for our firsthand account of the event after we return.

If you are at the event find the following name tags to say Hello to InsuredMine team members.

InsureTech Connect, InsureTech Connect 2017 – Largest Insurance Tech Conference

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