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All information about a client with policy.

Text generation using AI

Description: Use the built-in Transform Text using AI service to create engaging text for emails, text messages, and campaigns. Benefit: It is easy to draft

Claim data in accounts and policies

Description: The policies and accounts module now includes a claim tab. Benefit: Convenience in viewing claims associated with an account. Navigation –  Navigate to the

Loss date datapoint in claim pipeline

Description: Loss date data points are marked for claims when they are indicated as being closed. Benefit: Assists in giving agents references for remarketing Process:

Send Schedule Text

Description – Agents can now schedule texts for preferred dates and times. Use Case – Easier to automate personalized text messages from the overall portal. 

Save and Schedule Account Reports

Description – Create and schedule account reports to run and download at any point in time. Use Case – Save and schedule customized reports on

Tag agents through comments in Notes

Update – Tag agents through @mentions while adding comments to a note. This enhancement is currently available only for Hawksoft and Applied Epic agencies. Use

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