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All client information

Screen-pop for incoming calls

Whenever you will have an incoming call, you will have a screen pop for the call. In case there are multiple contacts saved with the

Resize the table column size

This feature has been implemented throughout the portal. You can increase or decrease the size of the column in the table. Simply drag the corner

Link in Notes Timeline

Now you can add the Notes by Mentioned Links as given below: 1. Now you can mention “@” and add the agent’s name. The particular

Customer Age

  While adding or editing a contact, if you mention the date of birth of the contact, it will reflect the contact’s age. This is

Open in HawkSoft link

Now you can easily switch to the contact page in Hawksoft from InsuredMine accounts and contact 360 by clicking on the Open in HawkSoft link.

Search Notes

The search tab is provided in the Events section under Contact 360, Account 360, and Deal Cards.   To view the enhancement: Navigate to Contacts