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Rename eSign doc

Description- In the eSignature, account360, contact360, and pipeline modules, we can now rename the documents sent for eSignature. Navigation- Navigate to eSignature. Select a document

eSign schedule sending

Description-We can now schedule eSignature doc to send using the new feature. UseCase- Ease of sending documents to signers to produce results on time   Navigation-

eSign Reporting

Description: For the agent and admin, reports for the eSignature module will be generated. Benefit: The analysis of reports will aid in understanding the dynamics

eSign delete restriction

Description: Admin can restrict the agents\’ access to the eSign delete option, allowing the agent to do so only if they have access to delete

Archived list for the eSigned docs

Description: The archived eSign documents are moved to the archived list. Downloads of the archived list are also available. Benefit: Viewing the archived documents easily

Option to view the original document

Description: See the original document that was sent for signature in the eSignature module. Benefit: Look for missing information by comparing the completed form to

Generic filters