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Sign by Agent only under eSignature 

Description – For eSignature documents that do not require a customer signature, agents can enter their signatures and complete the process. Benefit – Agents can

Decline an eSignature 

Description – Decline option added in the eSignature module. Use case – Easier for customers to notify the agent of errors and request for modification

Sign Count in eSignature

Description – eSignature documents will show the number of required signature/input fields in each document.  Use Case- Easier for customers to know the number of

Introduced Templates in eSignature

Update – Agents may now save eSignature documents with the fields and content as templates. Use Case – Agents save time and effort since attaching

eSignature Activity Report

Update – The Reports section now has an added activity detail for eSignatures  Application – View the report on the number and check the status

Default Signed Date in eSignature

Update – Sign Date is auto-populated in the document to be signed when opened Application – Clients no longer have to fill in the signing

Add new contact through eSignature

Now you can add a new contact while sending a file to the concerned person for eSignature.    To view the enhancement: Navigate to eSignature

eSignature tab in Pipeline

Now you have the eSignature tab in the expanded view of the deal card. So, once you upload any file in the deal card and