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Mobile Apps

Client mobile app with chatbot and policy documents

Sending a link to download the app

Now you can send a link to your clients to download the InsuredMine app helping them to manage their policies more efficiently, one on platform.


Users can consolidate all their documents at one place. InsuredMine’s document management function eliminates the searching, wondering, and frustration over lost documents or missing policies.

Notifications & Reminders

How notifications and reminders can help clients track policy key dates, payment schedules and much more… The best way for customers to be on top

Add Policy

Clients can consolidate all their policies in one place. Steps mentioned below will help him add additional policies to his policy wallet. Policyholders need to

Customer Profile

The user profile allows a user to provide information about themselves including their lifestyle and life stages to help their personal insurance agent make smart

Mobile App Dashboard

Mobile App Dashboard includes Agents information and 4 boxed associated with Insurance information. Once you log in for the first time, you can have a