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Editor for notes

In this article, you will learn: Notes Editor in Contacts Notes Editor in Pipelines Enhanced Mention in Text Editor The editor for notes gives you

Pipeline Leaderboard

In this article, you will learn: Weekly/Monthly/Yearly View Card count for an assigned agent and who marked it as WON/LOST Customized Plecto Leaderboard Want to

How to manage Notification subscription

In this article, you will learn: How to Setup notification subscription? Daily Recap Email Notification and Subscription In the Pipelines module, you can notify designated

Forecast view- Deal Forecast

Anticipate demand with increased efficiency through the Forecast feature in Pipeline Manager. Sales managers can easily track deals on the basis of months. The organized sales

Settings in Pipeline

Pipeline Settings Board Settings Pipeline Settings Through Pipeline Settings, you can customize the overall settings of ALL the pipelines in general. To navigate to the

Won Deal Announcement

Congratulating the team after an agent wins a business (Card marked as won) × Dismiss alert Important: The deals won are based on Subscription, which

Pipeline – FAQ

In this article, you will learn: What is a Pipeline? How is a pipeline board created? How to move from one board to another? What

Renewal Pipeline Automation

In this article, you will learn: How does it work? How many days before Renewal Automation start? How many days before the expiration date do

Restrict Pipeline Access

In this article, you will learn: How to restrict the Pipeline Access? Presenting a clear and relevant view of the data to the agents helps

Sort Deal cards within Stage

In this article, you will learn:​ By Default Deal Card display is based on Moved Date in Pipeline You can speed up information processing by

Generic filters