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Add files

There are several ways to add files into a deal card. Option 1: Just grab your file and drop it in the Pipeline timeline of

Add intake form

In this article, you will learn: Shareable intake form (Quotesheet) with clients Add/access an intake form on a deal card? Custom Forms added from Form

Assigning Agent

In this article, you will learn: Assigning Primary Agent Select multiple cards and assign agent What is the purpose of the “Assignee” function? This function

Add label

In this article, you will learn: What are labels? How to add a label? What are the benefits of labels? How do I view the

Automation: Lost Deal

Admin/user can setup/trigger a lost deal automation campaign from the Pipeline Manager module. Note: Each automation is specific to the pipeline; i.e if you have two

Mark due date as complete

Congratulating the team after an agent wins a business (Card marked as won) × Dismiss alert Important: The deals won are based on Subscription, which

Add Quotes

Add quotes on the deal-card through the Quotes section to know which carriers you have quoted and the amount. To add quotes in the dealcard

Add reasons for the lost deals

In this article, you will learn: To add lost deal reasons follow the steps mentioned below: To Add/Edit Lost Deal reasons follow the steps below:

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