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Release Notes

All product enhancements, new feature release will be shared here.

Release Notes – May 2023

20 April Pipeline – Pipeline upload for custom fields Pipeline – Default option for personal/commercial in Add Deal Contact, Account – Canceled policy tab in

Release Notes – April 2023

       1 April 2023   Accounts- Add/Edit account with NAICS code generated using AI for commercial accounts. Account, Contact & Engagement – Text

Release Notes – March 2023

March 18   Account, Contact, Policies  –Attach note added to Account to policy and contact. Account, Contact-Delete forms from contact and account 360 Engagement- Download

Release Notes – February 2023

 February 25   Pipeline – Copy/Move and archive the cards from stage. Pipeline- Loss date datapoint in claim pipeline Pipeline – Close card when claim marked

Release Notes – January 2023

January -21   Contacts- Add the signed document to the files section. Settings – Xdate added in Contact & Account on the cancellation date. Profile

Release Notes – December 2022

December – 3   Pipelines – Automation Tags added for Nickname and First Name of Contact Pipelines – Merge Lead Sources in Pipeline Pipelines – Merge

Release Notes – November 2022

19th November Release Report – Accessibility Improvements Made To Activity Reports Pipeline – Add And Edit Sub-Lead Source Changes Settings – Add sender email through

Release Notes – October 2022

15th October Release Policies – Add Notes in Policy Contacts – Add, Edit, and Delete Comments to Notes for Hawksoft and Applied Epic eSignature – Default Signed Date

Release Notes – September 2022

10th September Release Pipelines – Ability To Make Custom Fields Mandatory For Adding A Deal Pipelines – Manage Inactive Days For The Cards At Pipeline

Release Notes- August 2022

13th August Release 20th August Release 13th August Release Pipelines- Select Multiple Files And Send Email In The Deal Card, Contact360 And Account360 Pipelines- Lead Flow Text

Release Notes- July 2022

2nd July Release 23rd July Release 30th July Release 2nd July Release Contacts- Add Call log in Call section in Communication Page Pipeline Manager- Quoted Date in Deal

Release Notes- June 2022

4th June Release 12th June Release 18th June Release 4th June Release Forms- Deal Category Mapping in Form Automation Engagement- Task & Reminder Analytics in Workflow Automation

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