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Training Sessions

Micro Videos, presentations, and links shared during Bite-Size Training (BST)

Cross-Sell Specific Carriers (BST)

What are the two options for carriers? What carrier to include? What carrier to exclude? When will this workflow be triggered? What is the difference

Cross-Sell and/or Policy Category (BST)

How to create a Cross-Sell Automation? What is the and/or option for Cross-Sell? Example of and/or Cross-Sell Cross-Sell for specific carriers? How to use Pipeline

Task Filtered by Due Date (BST)

What is the completed date in a task? What are task filters in Pipeline Manager? How to do multiple selections and assign actions from Tasklist?

Deal Health Chart (BST)

How to view the report? What insight does this report give? What is the default period? What is in the report list? What is a

Merging Carriers (BST)

How to add a carrier When will a carrier show up in the carrier drop-down menu? How to merge carriers? What is a master carrier?