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Email Drip to policyholders: Download Mobile App

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InsuredMine’s App is a free, secure and hassle-free app that lets you manage multiple insurance policies on one simple dashboard. With this simple and intuitive app, you can access details of all your policies digitally anytime, anywhere. InsuredMine sets you free from carrying or storing your policy documents at multiple locations or in multiple formats.

App features include:

  1. Reminders for payment due dates
  2. Personalized analytics
  3. Agent Connect using chatbot or agent chat
  4. Access Policy Information

Email Drip for App Download

App download drip is a series of 4 emails sent to all the active clients in the agency. These emails are scheduled at a 7-day interval. If a client downloads the app before the drip completes, the emails will automatically stop.
You can view/download the templates by clicking on the links below:

Day 1: App-Drip1
Day 7th: App-Drip2
Day 21st: App-Drip3
Day 28th: App-Drip4

Creating customs apps for App Download Drip:

  1. Add a folder named “Mobile App Drip” in the Templates section of Engagements.

2. Add your templates by clicking on the Add Template button.

3. Change the template type to “Workflow Automation“.

4. Add a required subject and title to the template or you can also upload an HTML template.

5. Click on submit to save the template.

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