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Release Notes – February 2020

In this article, you will learn:

All new feature releases and enhancements to current features during the month of February.

New Feature Highlights

Curated list to mine opportunities within the current book of business to trigger campaigns especially for Renewals, X-Dates, Cross-Sell and winbacks.

“If you cant measure it, you cant manage it.” Now set goals for your producers and service team members and track them through the Dashboard!


Add a Note directly to an account from Directory search, when adding a new client or a new deal.

Easily navigate a deal from one pipeline to another. You never know when a service card in one pipeline becomes a deal card and needs to be moved to deal pipeline.

Encourage your active clients to use your agency-branded mobile app. You may start a drip campaign with prebuilt templates to influence their behavior.

Want to see the changes you made to an account? A new tab is now added in the Client Profile 360 view to store logs of all changes made to the Profile.

Your clients may have communication preferences.  You can now edit their preferences (opt-in/opt-out) with a click of a button: DO NOT CALL, DO NOT EMAIL, DO NOT TEXT

Need to update an automation workflow? No need to cancel the current one and start a new one from scratch. You can edit the active Workflow within your Engagement Module.

You can now select an overall date within the Deal chart to see all reports updated for those dates. No need to update date filers for each chart.

Client Missing Details Widget on the Dashboard is expanded to include the missing city.  This will ensure that the missing address for prospects and clients are as readily available as email and phone number.

Wanting to see how your template looks before finalizing it or including in your email campaigns?  Just “Send to Myself” first.

Single drip is no more just for a single contact. You can assign a single drip to the client segment as well. You can have a well prepared multi email drip that you can assign to a group (list) every time you create one such list.

You can sync your work email address with your agent portal. This will enable you to send and receive emails without switching to your actual email service provider

18 sample templates are added to the template editor to cover basic types and topics.   Just select a template and edit as needed.

Admin can now choose which widgets to allow on an agent’s dashboard!

Now you can send a link to your clients to download the InsuredMine app helping them to manage their policies more efficiently.

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