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Release Notes – June/July 2020

  1. Integration – Form Builder
  2. Integration –
  3. Integration – Tranzpay: Payment overview Data – Clickable
  4. Integration – Tranzpay: Add notes and files
  5. Integration – Tranzpay: Request Payment from your agency website
  6. Automation – Includes Reminder, Task, Postcards
  7. Automation – Save as draft feature added
  8. Engagement – CSV Upload in List
  9. Engagement – Select All agents in Template Share
  10. Engagement – Select All agents in List Share
  11. Client Pulse – Agents and send info.
  12. Pipeline Manager – Shareable labels
  13. Pipeline Manager – Deals stayed on the stages
  14. Pipeline Manager – Warning to add a contact in a shared card if contact doesn’t exist
  15. Pipeline Manager – Copy or Move a deal to another pipeline
  16. Pipeline Manager – Email notification for the task due, cards due – Current day 
  17. Pipeline Manager – Better UI for Upload files
  18. Pipeline Manager – Congratulating the team after a Deal won by an Agent
  19. Pipeline Manager – Forwarding email for each pipeline
  20. Pipeline Manager – Forecast feature in Pipeline
  21. Pipeline Manager – Checklist Automation
  22. Pipeline Manager – Notes in Custom Quotes
  23. Pipeline manager – Email and Task Analytics in Timeline.
  24. Tags – Pipeline ManagerAccount
  25. Contacts & Deal Cards – Customized mandatory fields in Setting
  26. Contacts & opportunity – Select All option
  27. Contacts – Merge contact library – Duplicate data cleanup
  28. Contacts – New UI
  29. Contacts – Sorting in Custom fields
  30. Contacts – Shareable tags
  31. Contacts – Personal/Commercial Added
  32. Single Contact Drip (SCD) – Add Tasks
  33. SCD – Send Immediately option, for all stages
  34. Goals – Add goals for Year & all Agents
  35. Task List – Pagination for sorting, searching
  36. Task List – Select table column
  37. Task List – Send email notification to the assignee for a completed task
  38. Task List – Task Type feature added
  39. Forms – Import Contact Us Form from Admin account
  40. Opportunities – Add Notes, delete opportunity, select table column
  41. Reports – Select multiple categories in Policy, pipeline, Opportunity
  42. Policy – Edit restriction by Admin
  43. Dashboard – Monthly status of Policies and Premium

Additional Notes: Backend Activities

  • Implemented complete logs monitoring tools, APIs response time and resource usages monitoring tools and real-time metrics of the backend resources
  • Changed the architecture for the won/lost in which there were some changes in 84,000+ pipeline cards
  • Lead Sources changes and created unique IDs for these so that these could be reused (Dropdown of Sources in Pipeline)
  • Campaign server stabilization. Before triggering any email from the system it will check in a list of 100,000+ list of bad emails. In this, we ran a script into 10,000,000+ records and filtered out all the bad emails. It has improved the deliverability and the trigger timing.

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