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Release Notes – November 2019

In this article, you will learn:

All new feature releases or enhancements to current features during the month of Nov.

New Features

Client relationships are important but all clients are not equal. You can categorize them by an internal rating system where 5 stars are the most valued client. Follow the steps to rank clients.

Sales and service can have multiple pipelines and no need to cramp them all in one DealBoard. Pipeline Manager allows you to create pipelines specific to lines of business or to manage service tickets.

Never miss out on an opportunity to celebrate your customers! Welcome emails are sent to contacts when they become your clients. These are super effective to show your clients special attention and acknowledge their VIP status every single year.

Power your business with social proof — let your happy customers digitally endorse you and increase conversion with our completely automated reputation management platform. Build a happier, more engaged frontline team. Improve customer experience and online reputation.


Inline edit functionality allows you to edit your records by clicking on the text directly. You can make changes to these records without having to open up any edit window or spend time locating edit pencil. Quick Add notes and activities to Directory without opening the contact details. This will help you cruise through the list if you are either calling customers or reviewing them. Send Quotesheets directly from the pipeline to underwriters or others who need to have access to the link/information in the quote sheet. Add X-date policy/data through the InsuredMine agency portal Auto-prompt contact name based on entire Agency Dataset, to reduce duplicate entry. So many times we tend to start an email campaign and then in the middle of the draft, we realize that the list has not been finalized and we end up creating the campaign again. But now, you can save the campaign in draft more. Segmenting deals by labels helps you understand the categories of deals that is coming through and their success rates. You can use labels as your source types.

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