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Release Notes – October 2019

1.  Add additional policy category or carrier for external policies, if they were not available earlier in the policy category list or carrier list.

2. You can first create campaigns without assigning them to any recipients. Later, during your interaction with the clients, you can assign the campaign that you deem fit for that particular client.

3. Drip campaigns need not be limited to email only. Leverage text capabilities to send drip messages to clients and/or prospects.

4. No second guesses on when the x-dates are ready for remarketing. X-dates policy is now available on the Dashboard chart for month-to-month tracking.

5. Let’s not be limited by carriers SMS. If you have international clients or nonstandard policyholders who prefer WhatsApp, then offer them one more way to communicate.

6. GeoTag Google Map on Dashboard has been expanded to show more than active clients. Now you can use the dropdown to select and locate inactive prospects and others on the map.

7. Making it easy to add/create deals while interacting/reviewing client account. Learn how it is done with a 3-step process.

There are other tons of features enhancements including:

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