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VIA – Common questions from Chatbot

The chatbot eases communication between the user and their insurance agent. Some common questions are suggested by the chatbot (name of the chatbot is VIA – Virtual Insurance Assistant) as soon as it is opened:

  • ”Show me active policies” ~ This will retrieve payment info, coverages dates, carrier name, and contact info for the user’s policies that are stored in InsuredMine’s policy wallet.
  • ”How do I add a policy from another agent” ~ The chatbot then helps the user enter a new policy into their policy wallet. First, it asks if the policy is Personal or Commercial.  Then it will ask for the specific type of policy, such as home, auto, commercial general liability, etc. After a selection is made, the chatbot helps you upload policy documents or manually enter policy information.
  • ”Where can I find my insurance documents?” ~ VIA asks of the policy category – Auto, Life, Health, etc. for which he has active policies.  The user selects from the existing policy category. VIA will then show documents of that policy category.
  • ”Where can I check premium distribution?” ~ VIA will display a summary of the premium information available. If more detail is required, the user can be redirected to the Premium Overview tab.
  • ”How do I make a premium payment ~ VIA will first try to confirm the policy for which you need to make the payment. Since it is not known to VIA it will prompt you with all the policy category and upon your selection, it will show a link to the payment page of that policy carrier or/and their phone number to facilitate that payment.
  • ”what is the risk evaluation of my property ~ VIA will ask a couple basic questions about your property including address if it was not prefilled. Else it will run the analysis and share risk details about the property – air, fire, air, and water.
  • ”Update my profile” ~ VIA will help you navigate to the profile section which has multiple tabs.  Almost all of the information available here is editable including – overview, House, vehicle, Assets, work, education, family, pet, etc.
  • ”Connect with your agent ~ There will be occasions when VIA may not have all the answers and it would be great to connect with a live agent. VIA will help you connect with an agent. You may type in as simple as connect with my agent and in response, VIA may probe for the reason to connect e.g. to get quotes, file a claim, discuss a coverage or policy renewals, policy extension, reimbursement, buying a policy or any other reason.
  • ”Schedule a meeting ~ VIA will help schedule a meeting with the agent. First, it will prompt you to select whether it is an in-person meeting or over the phone. Once you make a choice, it will ask you to confirm the date and time that would work for you and for how long would this meeting be scheduled for. Then it will prompt you to select a reason for the meeting. There are multiple options provided for you to select from, or you can select others if none of those options meets your category. Once the meeting is accepted by Agent, you get a confirmation notification on your phone.

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