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The 5 Newest Auto Insurers and Why They’re Right for you


When we go to find any information online, we get flooded with options. We can utilize the best new companies and their benefits more easily if we knew exactly which companies we needed to look at for what. With auto insurance, many changes have come with new insurance companies coming into existence. My attempt is to introduce you to five of these newest auto insurers and familiarize you with how they can be right for you so that you know when and why you would use these newest auto insurers.

Insurtech companies today have more benefits than we asked for, yet every day the list of benefits is getting longer. Benefits are expanding as is the scope for improved insurance experience, but still the customers deserve better. Here you will have your encounter with 5 newest auto insurers which will make you look at insurance differently.

#1. Root Car Insurance

auto, The 5 Newest Auto Insurers and Why They’re Right for you

Root Insurance is like a reward for good drivers. It goes beyond driving history and demographics, and prices insurance premium based on the customers driving behavior that is tracked using telematics.

How is it right for you? After downloading the app and driving for two to three weeks, an actual quote is received. So, you are charged per your skills in driving and this makes it fair not just for the customer but also for the insurer as it promotes fair prices based on measurable parameters. It makes sense for responsible drivers as it helps cut insurance cost by 50%!

#2. Metromile

auto, The 5 Newest Auto Insurers and Why They’re Right for you

If paying for insurance based on how well you drive seems fair, this will seem even more suitable. It takes fair pricing to the next level by further reducing the insurance cost for the non-frequent drivers. Metromile calculates the mileage in the car on a device connected to the car called the Metromile Pulse. You need to pay a monthly base rate followed by super low insurance rate per mile. Discover their latest plans and their evolving journey in this most recent interview of CEO Dan Preston with

How is it right for you? It is definitely a goldmine for those who drive less the 200 miles/ week. Insurance becomes free for them. Also for customers with low mileage driving, it is a huge saving as they are no longer quoted the same high rates as the high mileage drivers. Apart from the mileage, Metromile also remembers where you parked your car. So not only your insurance, but finding your parked car also becomes easy with Metromile.

#3. Go

auto, The 5 Newest Auto Insurers and Why They’re Right for you

GO helps you buy compare car insurance (it works only on iphones). A photo capture of your driver’s license is all you need to begin your journey here. Without having to do any paperwork, you receive various quotes and using Apple Pay, you can quickly buy the insurance that you selected.

How is it right for you? If you want to compare quotes and check if you can save money and time on insurance, this app can do that for you. And if you fall under that category of people who likes to get everything fast, this insurer is the ideal one.

#4. Insurify

auto, The 5 Newest Auto Insurers and Why They’re Right for you

With the goal of becoming the most advanced virtual insurance agent in the industry, Insurify assesses your personal risk profile then offers you real time quotes from insurance vendors based on your location. This newest auto insurance technology company helps you by getting quotes individually from each vendor and provides them to you with one simple form.

“There more than 250M insured vehicles in the USA and 75% of the insured are searching for insurance online with 65% reporting they will switch if they had an easy way to compare and buy. The mobile searches for car insurance has grown 4.5 times for the last 4 years. Insurify is filling the existing gap of comparison shopping tools by bringing the top carriers across all 50 states under one roof. “Says Insurify Founder and CEO, Snejina Zacharia. You can find it here.

How is it right for you? While checking for quotes online, if the quotes are not mere suggestions but actual quotes that are made keeping your risk profile and location in mind, then checking them out makes complete sense to get a better understanding of what you can get.

#5. Say Insurance

auto, The 5 Newest Auto Insurers and Why They’re Right for you

This insurer believes in transparency and clarity in insurance. When you ask for a quote, it also shares with you your “insurance score”, and ideas to improve your score. They offer various discounts and options of coverage that are not too low or too high on price.

How is it right for you? Say Insurance is helpful as it allows you to see the insurance score that insurance companies use to calculate your insurance premiums. Apart from quotes, knowing your insurance score is a great feature to try.


InsuredMine is working towards bringing to you not just one of the above benefits but many that will let you check your Insurance outlook at any time, for free.

When you are done checking all these newest auto insurers, it will be smart to sign in to InsuredMine as it aims to serve as your Insurance management tool. Insuredmine will let you stop your research when buying and offer you constant assistance to make sure you are in the loop in terms of what changes are happening in the industry and how you can benefit the most at any point in your insurance lifecycle. Let your insurance details rest with InsuredMine and our team will do research exclusively for you to keep you up to date on all things Insurance for you.

Stay tuned for my next installment; after “information on car buying”, “how to avoid dealer’s tricks” and “introduction to the newest auto insurers”, next comes “the time for car care”. And “car care you can do at home” will be a great resource for getting started. Your journey has just started with us, stay with us to witness the great things that will happen to you here at Insuredmine.

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