Why Have Mobile App for your Insurance Agency?

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Why Have Mobile App for your Insurance Agency?

Most Independent Agents are dependent on their carriers to serve their clients. But with customer expectations far exceeding the agent’s ability to serve, it’s imperative that the agents provide the speed and convenience that an app can provide.

Independent Agents cannot ignore this trend and should be prepared to compete with Direct to Consumer (D2C) market strategy of the carriers

To get closer to customers, all agents need to address one basic question – Why do we need a Mobile App?

The purpose of this webinar is to help you understand the why and explain the how of this approach. Join us for an in-depth session followed by Q&A on how to make the best of owning a Mobile App.


Raution Jaiswal

Co-Founder @InsuredMine

Raution Jaiswal is the co-founder of InsuredMine, an insurtech focused on redefining user experience for Agencies and Policy holders power boosting any agency management through Sales and Marketing Automation.

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