Sales Funnel

Manage your deals productively, and cement across sales funnel with CRM solutions from InsuredMine. An established course of an efficient system that helps leads convert to clients is known as the Sales Funnel.


Opportunities is all about mining into your current book of business for additional sales. 4 core areas to dig deeper into the current book of business includes – Renewals, X-dates, Cross-Sales and Winbacks.

Goal Management

Setting and achieving targets with conjoined efforts of a team towards a common purpose is Goal Management. Adopt powerful means to review goal trajectory aligned with employee performance.

Task Management

Task Management at InsuredMine is all about driving agency solutions with advanced prioritization and techniques to focus on high performance and integration, to attain goals.

Account 360

Account 360 incorporates end-to-end, holistic and seamless integration of all account elements of an account. It utilizes contemporary techniques for extending services in search functionality and provides additional vital support assistance.