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Sales Funnel

Manage your deals productively, and cement across sales funnel with CRM solutions from InsuredMine. An established course of an efficient system that helps leads convert to clients is known as the Sales Funnel. Working with the help of marketing tools, the sales funnel follows the AIDA ( Awareness – Interest – Desire – Action)  strategy.  Every stage in the funnel track plays a vital role, creating a multiplier impact on sales revenues. Adding two leads at stage 2 of the funnel can result in 4X revenue. For example, when a couple of contacts show interest in buying a policy through google search and they end up buying 2 home and 2 auto policies, your sales will reflect a collective amount of all these policies. The storyline of sales depends on this funnel and InsuredMine strives to make it substantial and voluminous.

Notice the gaps in your funnel

  • Clear up the blockages in your sales pipeline: Suppose many prospects have subscribed for the free version of the software for a month, but they don’t get converted into customers. Check your engagement pattern with these prospects. Are your responses prompt and well-timed?
  • Patch your broken stride: We understand that it’s frustrating to not know your losing step. We help figure out your losing pin and assist in retaining your winning spree.
  • Grasp your plus treats: Know what you are doing right and what definitely delivers a positive result. Bank on InsuredMine solutions to contemplate the sales process through which you have always secured 100% lead conversion. Build upon your actions from the trigger that always generate sales.

Structure Multiple Pipelines

A technology to assist agents to work through the sales funnel is the Pipeline Manager tool from InsuredMine. Create multiple pipelines with customizable stages to close deals and cut out load on agents. Various categories, modules, and stages can be pushed into the pipeline to extract maximum sales advantage from it. InsuredMine Pipeline Manager enables sales representatives and agents to move pipeline cards from one stage to another with ease. The cards possess actionable features that help agents send emails, get quotes, add notes, link activities to the calendar, and accomplish a lot more with just a few clicks. 

Drill through sales challenges

The quote sheets are of no use if they can’t be leveraged advantageously for striking the right lead at the right hour. Creating actual sales outcomes requires high-quality lead management, yet many agencies are trapped in productively processing the lead pipeline. Ensure your AMS net sales increment with our solutions that are specifically aimed to assist you with these challenges.

Visualize your metrics with Charts

Easily accessible view of sales data for in-depth understanding and study is presented in the form of Charts. Inductive information showcases comparable analytics on sales to revenue, sales to targets, etc. The monthly sales forecasts of the agency, sales summary and lead conversion data presents a visual layout with InsuredMine software. Donuts(pie charts), bar graphs, line diagrams and scatter plots are designed to illustrate an up-to-the-minute picture of your agency.

Follow-up with Timeline

Monitor your sales activities for each contact in a chronological sequence through the Pipeline Timeline. Get your team to work closely with contacts displaying all interactions and contact proceedings in a clear consolidated view.


What Agents Say

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