Utilize the powerful solutions from Insuredmine

The intuitively designed solutions from Insuredmine allow you to maximize your output by understanding clients better, building a happy relationship, and converting more prospects.  A unique combination of tools and resources provide vital support to your Agency Management System (AMS). Overcome the obstacles of measuring overall performance, tracking marketing campaigns, increasing conversion rates, communicating effectively, and more with Insuredmine powered through.


Sales Pipeline & CRM

Insuredmine’s Agency Portal platform is an effective solution to extract more value from your existing Agency management System. There is no complex mechanism or a huge learning curve involved in understanding the portal functionality. Simple clicks to every module make life easier for you and your team. Strategically designed tools help expand your service and offerings for providing a comprehensive platform to clients.

Customized self-serving Client portal

The client portal from Insuredmine is your gateway for secure interaction with clients. Clients can view all your products, services, information, and updates through this system. It allows buying policies, accessing documents, sharing files, viewing policy summaries, updating contact information, and much more. You can customize the portal with your agency branding and define access permissions. 

Google business review

The core of the Insurance business derives value from the trust in a company. Insuredmine helps establish confident relationships with leads, prospects, clients, and others by displaying the reviews of your existing customers embedded on your website. The system is innately designed to gather and publish your Google business Reviews in a way that positively nurtures your Agency’s credibility. Also, your SEO rankings improve with Google Business Reviews added to your agency website.

Customized Forms

Insuredmine offers comprehensive CRM form builder software for operational efficiency and smooth workability supporting all your needs. It seamlessly integrates with your agency platform to work in conjunction with various software. You can create many types of forms such as policy catalog, contact us, support request, quote request, etc.

Public website for SEO ranking

The public website offered by Insuredmine is like a digital handshake. The website helps you build your brand identity and communicate better with your prospects, clients, and others. SEO ranking refers to search engine optimization ranking allowing higher visibility of your business on the web search engines.

E-business card

Your digital business card is more than your business profile information. InsuredMine allows you to connect with your contacts easily through the e-business card. People can call, message, or visit your website. Social networking intercepts allow prospects to view your agency’s social news buzz. They can share your business information or use it for referral purposes. Downloading the e-business card helps save your contact information on any device.