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How Gila Insurance converted the challenge to fight the war…

Derek Kartchner

Gila Inserance Group LLC

gila insurance


The primary hurdle Is to address client concerns in a timely manner as they shifted operations from in-office to home offices with little time to prepare. Like any other independent insurance agencies, Covid-19 had affected the normal working routine of their business.


Gila Insurance leveraged InsuredMine’s texting platform for customer engagement and using computers to type text as if they are drafting emails, where it goes to the client’s phone as a text, and thus the open rate and response rates were both more than 95%. Now this new way of communicating was not only getting results but becoming easy and effective.

Unlock Digital Insurance Functionality Amid Covid-19 Issue

In the moment of pandemic pressure, we are helping the insurance agencies reach out to the customers. The agencies are able to do it efficiently ensuring smooth coordination with their employees, as most of them are working from home. The times are tough as the global market situation is tense. There is immense pressure on insurance agencies and it’s our endeavor to ease things up both technologically and emotionally. With cloud-based solutions like InsuredMine that require just the internet and a browser to be up and running, creating communication channels for agencies to connect with clients is no longer challenging; be it a need for better or changed coverage or filing claims. With limited staff and increased work, being creative and smart, and through the use of technology, you can always do more with less. Automated options to set up communications via email or text and helping agencies to be on top of it, has been of tremendous value in the CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) crisis.
We are customer-obsessed; so we are vigorously attending and responding to the uncertain nature of this problem. We are offering single-platform access that aids ease of use no matter where your client is. The agency customers, as well as the team, can work from anywhere. This also allows you to get in touch with our Support Team to ask your queries, and receive information on any features.

The InsuredMine features they highly benefited from included:

  • Client Directory Stands. The client directory stands that are clearly defined to ensure correspondences hits right on target audiences.
  • Automation. A simple task such as to respond to a customer query that may have involved skimming through 50 different tasks assigned to it is now just a click away using InsuredMine tools.
  • Broadcasting. Referral requests, Policy renewal, Cross Sale texts, etc., can now be broadcast automatically.
  • All-in-one platform. Insuredmine’s All-in-one platform connected with the existing agency management system of Gila Insurance, cuts out the confusion of working on multiple tools and helps to keep data up-to-date on all systems.

Don’t we love when clients have success stories to share?

” InsuredMine has been awesome in helping us contact our clients during the COVID-19 crisis. Having the ability to text our clients has set us apart from our competitors, and allowed us to be more proactive. When we decided to shift our operations to a remote service plan, we were able to sort our clients by company, and text them specific messages related to things that mattered to them in a bulk fashion. Our phone system, Agency Management system and other methods did not provide us this functionality. InsuredMine helped us communicate efficiently and effectively with our clients. Data is power, and InsuredMine has allowed us to better use our data, and provide better services to our clients. With InsuredMine features that are so functional and economical, yet so easy to master, it’s hard to imagine a time that we did not have these capabilities and wasted a number of man hours trying to do things manually. We are extremely happy to have leveraged the power of technology through InsuredMine.”

Are you one of our early adopters?

If so, we would love to hear how InsuredMine helped your agency propel your business and other success stories of how it made running your agency, and thereby your life, easier.

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