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Add due date

You can add a due date for your deal to make sure it doesn’t get forgotten and you can follow up in a timely manner.

How do add a due date?

From your Dealboard, click on the dealcard to open it.  You will see a Due Date section on the right. Just click on “Add Due Date”.

You can see the due date you set on the deal card.  This makes it easy for you to monitor your deals and see which ones need immediate attention and follow up.

ProTips: Due date will change colors based when the card is due. Eg. If the date is in the past then it will be marked red, if it is within 24 hours then it will be marked as yellow and if it is in future date then it be marked as Green. This color coding will help you identify what you need to work next pretty quickly.

The dashboard provides a “Daily Highlights” Widget.  This will show you a summary of all your scheduled action items for today.

If you need to update your due date, just go back into the dealcard you need to update, and select the new due date from the calendar.

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