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Account 360

Account 360 incorporates end-to-end, holistic and seamless integration of all account elements of an account. It utilizes contemporary techniques for extending services in search functionality and provides additional vital support assistance. This is the easiest and quickest way to know all about a particular client or account.

Contact 360

Contact 360 furnishes a dynamic client storyboard revealing every minute detail of a contact upfront. It provides instant access to policy overviews, client documents, personal details, email and mobile interactions, and email analysis. You can also track deal progress for the contact on Contact 360. Policy information is dealt as a separate functionality under Contact 360 for improvised insights and quick updates. The total number of policies held, premium amount and returns earned are also reflected in this system.

Manage all account easily and in one place

Work on a modular, highly innovative and specifically designed single view solution Account 360. It is a depository compiling unique contact information that can be easily leveraged to handle client needs and provide ultra-effective solutions.

Smart Search

Contacts can be searched globally on the basis of Name, City, Address, Email, and Phone number. For instance, You can retrieve missing email information of contact by searching for details through their phone number.

Automatic upload of contact information

 You can easily add, move or import contacts and sync it with your Agency management system. An account detail can be manually entered which is time-consuming, so we help you link data from the Contact forms directly into the Account 360. The general data on account types and emergency contacts are primarily available for quick referencing and active communication.

Contact Automation

Contact automation refers to sending an automated sales sequence of emails and messages when a new contact is added to the system. With contact automation, you can create, configure, update, test and review your automation and organize your contact management. It helps improve your engagement with clients by initiating lead nurture campaigns, welcome campaigns and more.


What Agents Say

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