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Cultivating Clean CRM Database at InsuredMine

Your guide to a clean and pristine CRM

CRMs can lose their effectiveness without proper maintenance. A “clean” database consist of up-to-date, active and engaged contacts. When this data is disorganized, you may lose opportunities for revenue. So, if you can’t remember the last time you performed data clean up, here’s why it’s time to do so and how you can get started. Let’s grab a broom and begin cleaning!

, Cultivating clean crm database at insuredmine
, Cultivating clean crm database at insuredmine

What's inside?

How a disorganized CRM database harms

Learn how to merge or delete duplicate records in InsuredMine.

Using data validation as part of the sales process

Learn how the sales pipeline will help you have a valid information record in the deal card stages.

How customized fields can help you maintain structured data

Learn how to set custom fields while creating deal car via forms, in contacts module, and setting mandatory fields.

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