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Contact List

A major part of your data story depends on your contact list. Creating a list and segmenting it for easy reference are crucial for your agency. InsuredMine’s contact list section improvises on contact details to help convert them into leads and clients. The purpose is to formulate a list that’s detailed, precise and valid. These lists are also dynamic as they are updated with current data. The contact’s activities such as joining a new job, leaving an old one, vehicles or policies owned and newly obtained or discarded are some aspects depicted on these lists. 

Find your ideal client

Profound leads data helps only when you have a clear view of your target audience. Building connections with people who need your policy is imperative and our list segmentation assists with it. You don’t have to waste time on someone who doesn’t require your services. 

Create Customized Contact List

Customer data like name, work number, home number, address, city, pin-code is common that you can link with CSV and add to the InsuredMine software. What’s interesting here is that you can add Linkedin Profiles of prospects, business websites, and size of the company and other information. 

Lead data search

Search information by First Name or Last Name or a combination of the First Name and Last name for generating related contact number, email, city or address data. For example, if you have the name and number of the client but do not have the email, location and other data, InsuredMine supports obtaining all that missing data and shows it in the format you desire.

Easy access to Communication and Sales data

Quotes data of the customer and all notes, emails, SMS exchanged can be viewed together. A list of policies, carriers, expiration dates, premiums, and agent revenue for every client can be easily maintained and viewed. 

Target marketing to specific groups

Contact lists enable you to address your marketing campaigns towards specific contact groups. Target your high or low performing policy categories, create a segmented list of relevant contacts, and send promotional offers for closing more sales. Save and reuse the target contacts lists for improved efficiency.


What Agents Say

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