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Getting Started

5 steps to power-boost your Agency growth

How to start using INSUREDMINE

Welcome to InsuredMine! In this article, you will learn: Help your team adopt InsuredMine 1. Answer “Why InsuredMine?” 2. Discover your now 3. Design your

Get Started screen

In this article, you will learn: 1.Sign up 2. Verify email 3. Pick your Sub-domain 4. Enable Text services 5. Connect to your inbox 6.

Day 1 -Checklist

Before working on the checklist, make sure all the setup tasks from Get Started screen are completed. Define organization (right access levels) Upload all Admin level templates

Connect Email to InsuredMine

Connect your work email and receive all emails related to your business directly into InsuredMine. This saves you from having to juggle between your mailbox

Agency Portal Overview

Agency Portal is created for the agent so he can have an overview of all his existing clients in a single dashboard. Most of the

How to….

Edit/ update your agent profile? Add a new contact? Create a task Create a new campaign Add email template Create a List? Upload List and

30-day Milestone

Creating Deal cards Creating a Second Pipeline Sending campaigns Setting up Email automation Birthday Automation Setting up a google review Website iframe Website Client Login

FAQ for Users

In this article, you will learn: Subscription & sign up Related Pricing & Payments Dashboard related Accounts FAQ Policies FAQs Carriers FAQs Contacts FAQs Pipeline