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Agent & CSR: Account Setup – 5 Simple Steps

Welcome to InsuredMine! To help you get set up and running as quickly as possible, we’ve put together this cheat sheet of everything you can do to put IM to work in your business.
You don’t have to do all of this in one sitting. Start with The Basics, check out the Training Videos.

The Basics

1. Accept your invitation

The email you’re looking for will have “___ invites you to join them on InsuredMine” as the subject line. Use the button in that email to create your password.

2. Login

Follow the steps in the link for a successful login.

3. Connect Your Email

InsuredMine will automatically sync emails you send to or get from your contacts into Agency Portal Inbox. This makes it easy to see what you said and when even if you reply to an email from your regular email inbox! Most importantly if you are using InsuredMine Inbox then you will be able to track open, click responses.
Connect your email from Settings after your login. Here is the guide on how to connect your email.

4. Install Mobile App and give it a spin

InsuredMine Mobile App is for the Policy Holders but we highly encourage each of the agency uses to have downloaded the app and take it for a spin so not only they know it’s functionality but also have a clear understanding of what is it capable to do.

5. Training Videos

Looking for full training on how to use InsuredMine?

The IM 101 Webinar is the best place for this. You can join the live webinar on alternate Thursday at 2 pm Central (register for the next one here).

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