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Signing up and starting using InsuredMine, is just a 2-minute game! There are six easy steps that you need to follow:

  1. Complete Profile

  2. Connect Work Email

  3. Connect Scheduler

  4. Verify Email

  5. Add Signature

  6. Configure texting and Calling

  7. Add Members


Step 1- Complete Profile

  • Upload your profile picture

  • Type in your full name, email address, full address, and phone number. This will be stored in the customer-facing app.

  • Click to save and continue



Step 2- Connect your work email

  • Choose any of your accounts that you like to connect and click on connect

Note: This email will be the email address that you use for marketing and even for your google calendar scheduling.

  • Click save and continue

Note: If you have Google suit and you have a message of application blocked, click the knowledge base article on the right panel to prove InsuredMine as the third party platform.


If your work email is connected you can now create a schedule via link.


To connect and create a schedule:

  • Navigate to the Get started section

  • Click on Connect Scheduler

  • Click on the scheduler to add a schedule



  • Click on add scheduling page


  • Fill in the details

  • Click on create

Your next schedule will be created.



Step- 4 Verify Email

  • Type in your name and email address.

  • Click on the verify email button.

  • In case you want to add additional email addresses such as support or help desk email id, that you have, you can type in too.

  • Click on save and continue.



Step 5- Add Signature

To add a signature, you need to send an email from your account to with the signature that you want to get displayed from the InsuredMine platform.  

  • Check the box beside: I have sent the email.

  • Click on save and continue


Step 6- Configure Texting and Calling

Note: This step will be different for admin and agents.

  • If you have a RingCentral account, click the option: I have RingCentral Account

  • Enter your RingCentral Number

  • Click to continue

  • You will be redirected to your RingCentral account to connect the account.

  • If you do not have a RingCentral account but wish to add a phone to your InsuredMine Account then select: I need a number with my area code


Now here admin will have 2 options to choose from if agents will share the same number or agents will have different numbers. Select the option accordingly.


If the admin would like all agents to share the same number, the admin should follow 3 steps. First, enter the area code and select the country code.

  • Click on go

  • Second, you need to select the number from the available list by clicking on the dropdown.

  • Click on purchase

Note: The number that you will purchase will be from Twilio

  • Third, once the texting/calling number is configured, you need to set the caller id for calling.

  • By setting caller id, one can make calls from the same number, but the number that will flash to the clients/leads will be the caller id that you will be verifying. And the client can connect you on the same caller id.

  • Once you verify the caller id, you will receive a 6 digit verification code, that you need to confirm when you will get a verification call from Twilio.

  • In case you fail to verify the caller id, you need to try again.

Note: If agents will be sharing the same number they need to enable Caller Id verification which is mandatory

Note: In the case of agents, in the above-mentioned step, he/she will get the option to add their caller id and configuration will be already done by the admin.

In another case, if the admin chooses to purchase different numbers for agents, he/she needs to select the agent first for whom he/she wants to purchase a new number.

  • Once done, all the three steps entering the area and country code, selecting the number, and adding caller id will be the same. But as admin is purchasing a new number for each agent, in that case, step 3- verifying caller id is not mandatory.

  • If an agent logs in and tries to configure the texting/calling features for his own account, in that case, he will get two options: either to connect to a RingCentral account if he already has it or he can purchase a new Twilio number. To purchase a new number the steps will be the same as above. Now, these options will be available to an agent, only the admin has selected to purchase a new number for each agent for calling and texting.

  • But in case if admin selects to use the same number for all agents, in that case, agent will only get the option to set the caller id.



Step 7- Add Members

  • This step is available for Admin only 

  • You can add multiple members

  • To add a member, click on add agent

  • Select the role, type in the full name, phone, cell phone, and login email.

  • Click on submit.

  • To add more members follow the same process

  • Once done click on save and finish

  • If you want agents to have access to all the agency data, check the box beside All Agency Data Access.


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