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InsuredMine is consistently making changes to the needs of the client. 3-6 months is a long time in the life of our project, so you may experience a few screens that are updated.

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To help your team adopt InsuredMine, we’ve analyzed what the most successful teams in InsuredMine have in common, channeled the expertise of our Customer Success Managers, and incorporated proven change management strategies all to craft the “InsuredMine Way of Growth” framework outlined in this article.

Help your team adopt InsuredMine

For maximum success, we also recommend:

1. Answer “Why InsuredMine?”

Before inviting your team to InsuredMine, make sure you have a compelling reason for using it. To help you answer “why InsuredMine?” complete the following exercise.

Envision success

First, imagine your ideal world where your team is using InsuredMine, and what you’ll achieve. Ask:
  • What goals will InsuredMine help you achieve?
  • What will be possible in the future that isn’t now?

Identify pain points

Next, identify the pain points that brought you to InsuredMine in the first place that will resonate with your team.
Pain pointExample
You can’t
track leads
Leads come from 1-4 sources.
– Bought and get an email and it goes to the admin
– Website forms (Get a Quote) – it goes to inbox.
– Call in and it goes to sticky notes
– and the occasional walk-ins
The Problem is leads are scattered everywhere, not able to
track, respond and manage them all the way to closure.
– Sits and rots
– small percent convert
– Low ROI
Too many
tech tools
to manage my Agency
You have Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Eztext, Calendly, MobileApp, Dropbox, Zendesk, …..
This creates multiple problems –
1. They don’t talk to each other – Waste time entering same data in multiple places.
2. Its expensive. It can cost upwards to $300
per month per user, eating away at your profits.
3. Steep learning curves so they just give up.
Limited visibility leads to no accountability and things fall through the cracks People are afraid to hand things off because there is no accountability.Cant manage it. Opportunity and money falls through the cracks.

Teams focus on their own priorities and handoffs are messy or nonexistent

It’s impossible to segment and market to
their needs.
They are already buying auto from you, you don’t need to promote auto. Same is true with homes. The inability to segment, your clients and market to their unmet needs is costing you 30% of additional business potential.
Imagine having analytics on productivity of your
staffs, in regards to their ability to push leads through to close.Also imagine, knowing exactly what you are spending on leads (CAC), know your closing ratio, improve profitability and growth of your firm without this you are guessing or should I say gambling!

You need real data to make real plans. Now you have strong business plan to grow.

Everyone in the organization needs to know how well organization, producers, clients or deals are doing. How efficients each of them are and the root cause of the deviation from expectation.

4. Worst problem of all – business runs on data. When you have all these tools to maintain it becomes impossible to mine the data
Managing multiple vendors, tools and then making sure they all work well with each other. Also Data leakages due to too many individual tools to run your business.

Write your “Why InsuredMine” statement

Now you’re ready to draft a “Why InsuredMine” statement using this structure: “[Team/Organization name] uses InsuredMine to develop [these processes] to alleviate [these pain points] so that we can accomplish [these goals].” For example: As a sales team, we’re using InsuredMine to manage prospects in Lead Nurture & Sales Pipeline process to increase engagement with the prospect, collaborate with the inside sales teams so that we can have a better closing ratio, hit a sales goals.

Assemble your adoption alliance

Next, get a group of at least three people to form an “adoption alliance” consisting of the following roles:
  1. Convention-setter—Establishes basic rules about how you’ll use InsuredMine and answer questions teammates have along the way.
  2. Awareness-builder—Communicates the “Why InsuredMine” goal statement and helps the team feel bought in.
  3. Success-celebrator—Recognizes and celebrates wins throughout the process to keep the team motivated.

2. Discover your now

With a clear reason for why your team will use InsuredMine, now you can decide what process you want to try out first. A Process is a set of steps you take to get things done, like onboarding a client to working on his renewals. The process is all about micro activities being tracked and managed in a synchronous way to produce positive business outcomes. Mentioned below are 7 processes to build high-level agency activities for customer acquisition to retention:

The specific process you try depends on your team, but aim to pick something that is:

  • Collaborative, involving communication between multiple stakeholders
  • Specific with clear goals, deliverables, or a time-bound duration
  • Broken, creating confusion or missed goals for your team

For inspiration, check out all of our ways to use InsuredMine.

Finally, lay the groundwork for future success by establishing your InsuredMine team structure. Generally, your team structure in InsuredMine should reflect your org chart.

3. Design your first Process

Make sure to survey your team about how long it currently takes them to complete work, where they’re getting stuck, and the problems they’d like to solve. That way, you can see InsuredMine’s impact and if it’s solving those problems.

Not sure where to start? Try starting with a email template.

Start collaborating

Invite a small group of teammates to play around with Insuredmine to get familiar with features and recommended best practices. InsuredMine is flexible, so don’t be afraid to try things even if it’s not “perfect.”

When you’re ready, invite your whole team and host an InsuredMine kickoff meeting to cover the information from step one and introduce them to InsuredMine and your first workflow.

4. Enable your team & celebrate wins

Share our “getting started” resources below to help teammates learn the basics:

  • Join an InsuredMine Basics Training Webinar (60 minutes) to work with a live trainer and get your questions answered with other customers.
  • Kick-off Deck – training session 1
  • Day 1 Checklist
  • List of Milestones that you can track based on your pain point
  • Bonus if you get stuck at a feature send an email to support.

Expect and embrace mistakes! Your convention-setter should constructively re-direct teammates when they forget about established conventions.

5. Get set up for future success

Once your team is up and running, continue enforcing your conventions and make InsuredMine the single source of truth for answering any questions related to the processes you’ve built. Some ideas to get you started:
  • Set up an InsuredMine Pipeline for questions and feedback and check it weekly and share it with the InsuredMine team as needed.
  • Celebrate your team’s early victories, big and small! Your success-celebrator might create incentives or celebration systems for learning and using InsuredMine.
  • Set up a safe space where people can play with features without fear that they’ll “break” something.
  • Try a “day without email challenge” to see if your team can go an entire day or week without sending any email to one another, opting for InsuredMine instead.
You’ll also want to create a plan for onboarding new teammates so they can get up to speed quickly.

6. Measure and expand use

After using InsuredMine for a month or two, reflect back on what you wrote in section one, and revisit the team baseline you surveyed them about in section two to see how you’re tracking. Ask your team:
  • Did we accomplish our original goal?
  • Are new processes running smoothly?
  • How long does it take to do the same work relative to before?
  • How effective is InsuredMine relative to our expectations? Has it solved the problems we hoped it would?
If you’ve been successful and completed your timeline, communicate your wins and progress to your executive sponsors and stakeholders. You can also start adding more processes, automation, and workflows to InsuredMine if you haven’t already.

More resources

The learning doesn’t stop here. See how other teams use InsuredMine and learn more best practices with our wide array of resources:


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