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Goal Management

The true purpose of having management goals is to use and develop your employees’ talent, skills, and experience while helping your organization meet its overall goals.  …more

Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign is an intensive automated email, text or combination of both delivering a series of customized and scheduled communication to the client or prospect over a specific period of time. …more

Contact List

A major part of your data story depends on your contact list. Creating a list and segmenting it for easy reference is crucial for your agency. …more


Automation is an element of CRM (customer relationship management) that streamlines sales process tasks using AI and digital tools to eliminate time-consuming, repetitive work of agents. …more

Sales Pipeline

An established course of an efficient system that helps leads convert to clients is known as the Sales Funnel. Working with the help of marketing tools, the sales funnel follows the AIDA ( Awareness – Interest – Desire – Action)  strategy. …more

Task Management

Task Management is all about driving agency solutions with advanced prioritization and techniques to focus on high performance and integration, to attain goals. …more


Bring your data to action. Convenient presentation of data clusters in a resourceful manner for prompt, prominent observation and decision making. Underlying records for a variety of data become easily accessible aided by visual analytics. …more

Google Review

Google review is the client’s opinion of your efficiency, management, and digital experience. Build an online stature and evolve as the first preference of buyers, compiling the reviews from this vastly enthralling platform. …more

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