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Dashboard: Widgets

Dashboard provides a business snapshots and these Widgets help accomplish that visually. Widgets provide charts and key metrics associated with the business.

The Agency Portal Dashboard provides a snapshot of data related to your current or projected book of business with several other business-related metrics.

Most of these widgets are customizable and actionable. We continue to add more and more widgets to help you have a deeper and wider understanding of your agency and business activities so business actions can be taken based on a data-driven decision-making process. 

This quick guide to multiple dashboard feature will help you better understand your business metrics. You can segregate your dashboard based on the group of widgets you want to view to analyze the metrics. 


As there are many widgets available, you can select which of those you want to be displayed in your dashboard also you can select their placement by drag and drop.


Also learn about our new enhancement March 2021- Date Filters

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