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Google Reviews

All kinds of leads – warm, hot or cold can be influenced by Google Business Review of your agency. Google review is the client’s opinion of your efficiency, management, and digital experience. Rated on the scale of 5 stars, this is your company’s report card, trusted by millions of people, not without a reason. InsuredMine is here to help you build that goodwill. 

Be Present where it matters

Build an online stature and evolve as first preference of buyers, compiling the reviews from this vastly enthralling platform. 90% of consumers agree that their buying decisions are impacted by online reviews. Reckon your sales revenue as your clients keep up with your agency.

Boost your ranking

These days people trust the online experience of clients who have used a company’s service. A customized drip of email goes out for obtaining testimonials from your clients. A higher consumer rating is itself a massive publicity booster. Google reviews are believed as a comment from their tribe.

Client Pulse on the dashboard

InsuredMine dashboard reflects client ratings and google reviews of an agent. It also tracks how many clients have been sent a testimonial request and the number of reviews received. 

Enhance your SEO

Escalate your web presence with your reviews and make your ranking soar higher. Get more people to see your insurance agency name when they search for insurance locally. Online Review on your company’s map listing also helps your agency attract attention.

Benefit from added clicks

Added clicks on your portal help convert more visitors and the probability of engagement is higher. Gauge the success of your email marketing campaigns and other advertising platforms with the CTR(Click-through Rate). 


What Agents Say

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