InsureTech Connect 2017, Las Vegas– InsureTech Takeaways

Window to the Future
Our presence at InsureTech Connect 2017 at Las Vegas was every bit as exciting as the work we do at InsuredMine every day.  With over 3800 attendees and countless networking opportunities, it was an ideal platform for us in many ways.  It acted as a strategic think tank and helped enhance constructive dialogue and collaboration with other entrepreneurs.  It also helped us rethink what we already know, and educated us on what we did not. This insight helps shape our outlook about

InsureTech Connect 2017 - Largest Insurance Tech Conference

It seems that all the movers and shakers of insurance industry will be once again descending on Las Vegas for InsureTech’s biggest event- InsureTech Connect 2017.  While it’s going to be very exciting to meet new faces, strike new contacts and share the enthusiasm, we anticipate much more than that. This year marks the beginning of InsuredMine’s participation in the biggest event of InsurTech. We look forward to learning, gaining

Equifax Data Breach and How You Can Protect Yourself

Chances are if you have ever had a credit card or loan, you have a credit history and you may be one of the 143 million Americans whose personal information was compromised in the recent data breach at Equifax, the world’s largest credit reporting agency.  Most consumers are not aware that Equifax holds their data, but it is important to know that Equifax collects and aggregates information of an estimated 800 million people worldwide.  While we can exercise little control over what happened to us through an outside

When is the Best Time of the Year to Sell Your Home?

They say you are lucky if you own a home. However, based on individual needs and circumstances, we often face a scenario of needing to sell a home. Selling properties at the best price can be a horrendous task especially if there are fewer buyers in your area. There a number of factors to consider before selling your property. One of the most important factors that affect the salability of homes is the season in which you put up your property for sale. Every year, there will be different sales trends. However, some seasons have been established as consistently profitable for homeowners

Tips For Preparing Before and After Hurricane Irma

Falling down is a part of life and getting back up is Living: acknowledge what is happening and quickly pull yourself up to get everything back in action. More importantly, learn from what you could have done better, be prepared, and come stronger for any such danger in the future.
With Hurricane Irma as our next visit, it is time to take all the right measures, whether evacuating or staying in our homes – staying safe and staying prepared should be our motto.