10 Upgrades to Increase Your Home Value

While structurally same, every house has a different essence. The way we nurture it day by day and create our memories in it makes a house our home. Our home gets a new definition with every small and big home project we complete. These upgrades can satisfy personal aesthetic needs or it can also help in improving the value of the house. There is nothing sweeter than having your expenses turn to profitable investments. With a well thought-out upgrade, the house gets a facelift, not in its appearance alone, but in its improved home value as well. An added perk is if you are deciding to sell

The Need to Organize Multiple Insurances

Let’s face it, life is an organized chaos. You don’t agree? Let me explain. Imagine yourself involved in a fender-bender. After the initial phase of shock and distress has passed, you calm down to start the routine of exchanging your insurance information only to realize you don’t have all your insurance and policy details handy. Now what?
Assuming you have insurance, (although according to Insurance Research Council, in 2012, 12.6 percent of motorists or about one in eight drivers was

InsurTech - Disruptive Innovation

To a common man, Disruptive Innovation may sound like an oxymoron. But currently, it is the hot topic with both technology and insurance startups. Disruptive Innovation is a process by which the age-old practices and methods of doing business are entirely revolutionized by the use of technology. It provides innovative ways of doing business by making services less expensive and more accessible.
Of all the industries that embrace Disruptive Innovation, Insurtech is at the forefront. Insurtech refers to technology innovations that are designed to maximize savings and efficiency from

Insurance Management (Why You’re Missing its Essential Benefits!)

Most of us understand the importance of investing our money wisely. Maybe you have many current cash flow needs and are also saving for large expenses in the next 5, 10, or even 30 years. Of course, we need to make bill payments, our monthly mortgage and car payments, as well as save for large expenditures like a car, a new home, college, and retirement. Hopefully there’s also a vacation somewhere in there!
It makes little sense to choose an amount to invest and how to invest it by focusing on one of these goals or constraints in isolation. We may quickly find our choices –

6 Factors that Influence Customer Behavior and Choices

Remarkably, the insurance sector is one of the major players in defining the health of any economy. This leads to immense competition among the insurance companies to attract customers and diversify their services. Most importantly, in order to keep up with the competition, insurance companies need to focus intensely on what drives a customer’s behavior patterns. They are constantly working to improve their services by adapting to market innovations at lightning speeds and becoming customer-oriented rather than profit-oriented.
Some of the major factors that influence a