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We create for you the Insurance Agents Focus Group as you requested from IMUG22. 

The goal is to share with you some of the most important Insurance Industry trends and learn how InsuredMine can help you increase sales, retain customers, and most importantly, how you can have a solid business creating automation.

April 28th, 22
May 12th, 22
May 26th, 22
June 9th, 22
June 23th, 22
July 21st, 22
August 4th, 22
August 18th, 22
September 1st, 22

Thank you for offering the conference and congratulations to the IM Team for all you have accomplished! I am excited to take back what I have learned and take actionable steps to continue to improve our agency's processes. Thank you!!

Amanda Rodriguez Innergy Financial
, Mission IM possible

    Are you still thinking of how to enable growth at your Agency?

    What did we learned from IMUG?

    , Mission IM possible

    Change Takes Time

    Customer Support and a growth mindset are critical components of the successful adoption of InsuredMine.

    , Mission IM possible

    AMS Sync

    No matter what your AMS, InsuredMine can be used to organize data, manage your customers and generate business analytics.​

    Why was IMUG successful?

    98% loved IMUG things

    IMUG participants said the conference was worth their time and have a better understanding of how InusredMine can work with their daily insurance process.

    75% learn new things

    IMUG participants feel they have learned a new process or way to set up their IM account with the help of speakers presentation by sharing their daily process and with the support of InsuredMine team.

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