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Manage your deals productively

Prospect, manage pipeline, and automate your sales process all in one place.

Sales Pipeline

InsuredMine is the only sales platform you will ever need. Our built in AIDA (Awareness - Interest - Desire - Action) sales funnel allows you to productively manage your sales pipeline from lead to conversion to customer.


Dig into your current book for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to increase your revenue by 25%-30%.

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Goal Management

Set goals for your sales team and keep track of their performance in real time on the leader board.

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Task Management

Build your perfect assembly line of collaboration by allocating tasks and tracking them so nothing falls through the cracks.

Account 360

Account 360 is your go-to, end-to-end account management tool inside the InsuredMine CRM.

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Grow Your Insurance Agency With InsuredMine

Gauge, Improve, Repeat

Know what you are doing right and where you need to improve with your InsuredMine CRM Dashboard.

Manage Renewals

Access all your renewal information on one screen. Scan for revenue opportunities for policies ending in 30, 60, or 90 days or whatever parameters work best for you.

Customized KPIs

View all your customized KPIs in one chart that shows deals won vs target revenue. See individual revenue generation for each of your agents so you know who is crushing it and who needs some extra help.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Plan and prioritize your tasks with checklists, files, and tags on your InsuredMine task list. Get notified of any task updates or edits made and view all task information from your dashboard.

What Agents Say


We love the Dealboard! It’s great for agents and management to visually track leads from start to finish. The virtual whiteboard ensures that leads will not fall through the cracks. We also love the data that InsuredMine collects from our book of business. It provides great ways to retain and gain new sales opportunities. It adds another dimension to how we see our agency.

Mike T

I have used many different data analytics and CRM systems in the past, Most feel 10 years old and are clunky, difficult to navigate…mostly just super frustrating. I was using RadiusBob for my life and health insurance agency and after seeing the capabilities of getting my clients communication and documents straight to their phones instantly! I haven’t used the system to its full capacity yet, I will do a more in depth review at a later time.

Ryan M, Co-Founder

Extremely useful functionality, including customer facing portal as well as agency facing portal. I especially like the ability to mine those coverages a client enters in their portal which I didn’t write. It combines phone, text and email connections in one application.

Stanley D, General Agent

The support and training is the best anywhere. Free Daily training, other support is the best. The are completely responsive.

Pat I, Agency Owner

Very easy to use and reach customers, customer support are very accessible and friendly. Able to track metrics & results.

Liset M, General Manager

It is incredibly easy to use, data is displayed in a way that is very easy to read. The depth of the software, and how many items are “click-able” is amazing. Combines the best of an AMS and CRM.

Jacob K

Really have enjoyed the onboarding process and the ease in which changes can be made within the system. The entire team has been a pleasure to work with, and my clients are loving the portal and the ease in which transactions and docs are now available. The interface is super sharp, and we think it will give our agency a leg up on our competition.

Reggie P

Features and Ease Of Use. Affordable Pricing. Customer Support is Outstanding. Constantly Rolling Out New and Exciting Features to the Software Seamlessly. In 6 Months of Using the Software, we have not had any system slow downs or down time.

Alejandro M, President

There are a couple best parts about InsuredMine’s platform but the #1 value that it brings to our agency is the connectivity it brings to every tool that we use. It has become our main hub where all agency communication is initiated. Gone are the days where we would use a management system to store data, a voip system to send text messages, a ticketing platform for service, and a pipeline manager for sales funneling. With InsuredMine it is all in one centralized service and keeps all of my contacts up to date as well.

Sen M, Agency Owner

This company is extraordinary. They provide a daily training for free that is outstanding. The support and cooperation for a new user to get up to speed is the best I have seen in my 26 years in the business. These guys are completely top notch.

Patrick I, Agency Owner

Are You Ready to Grow Your Agency?