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Do you want to measure the performance of your marketing efforts? Are you looking to improve conversions on your sales funnel by identifying and tackling the most challenging obstacles? The built-in reports from Insuredmine will help you track performance and cover the gaps in your funnel. Customize, visualize and analyze data to learn and master your decision making with actionable insights into your business. 

Powerful sales forecasting tool

The projected book of business is a powerful tool, it provides insight into the dynamics of your agency. This report has a special value where each factor relatively contributes to figuring out how many opportunities can be converted. How much real value is in the pipeline? When will you close them is known by the expiration date and effective dates. The data-driven sales process with high predictability of what, when and how much is known to the producer and the leadership.

Organize and focus on what's important

Until data is compiled in substantial detail, it is just a hollow and futile number trail. You may have a database of 50,000 people, but if you don’t know key data points for deeper insights, client segmentation, reaching out to the whole lot would mean a wasted effort of your sales team. The reports facilitate the integration of meaningful data with appropriate analysis to guide the team in the proper direction and review their activities. If your agency requires reports on leads generated in a month, missing client information, you can easily generate it through the Personal Reports segment.

Use time effectively with Saved Reports

The system allows you to create and save customized reports, displaying relevant records for specific criteria assigned by you. It’s easier to share the saved report with associate managers, agents, and the CSRs. You can also economize the time spent on creating similar reports repeatedly. The reports not only reflect the numbers but provide the background of carrier information, contact information, policy information to know which sector is performing better in your book of business. 

Export and Import Reports

Collaborate efficiently with your sales team by sharing reports. Find the strengths and weaknesses of sales reps, check who is lagging in the later stages of deal closure while handling prospects amazingly well in earlier phases. Help teammates to focus on achievements and the plan for the subsequent sales. Accelerate your sales progress with a clear indicative matrix presented by the Insuredmine Reports. 

Prompt Decision making

Give the decision making edge to your company with Reports. Eliminate complex data piles and baseless speculations. Manage and measure team performance intelligently and accurately. Mend the misinterpretations and fuel your growth trajectory by leveraging an in-depth analysis of the sales and marketing functions of your agency.


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